John Kerry stunned - STUNNED - that Iran doesn't like us

I’m starting to think that John Kerry may not know what in the hell he’s doing.

DUBAI (Reuters) – U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry said a speech by Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei on Saturday vowing to defy American policies in the region despite a deal with world powers over Tehran’s nuclear program was “very disturbing”.

“I don’t know how to interpret it at this point in time, except to take it at face value, that that’s his policy,” he said in the interview with Saudi-owned Al Arabiya television, parts of which the network quoted on Tuesday.

“But I do know that often comments are made publicly and things can evolve that are different. If it is the policy, it’s very disturbing, it’s very troubling,” he added.


Iran has repeatedly shown hostility toward the U.S., its allies, and its policies. For years. YEARS. And John Kerry, our Secretary of State, is starting to think it’s disturbing that Iran would say words that are mean about the United States, which capitulated on just about everything to make a deal and secure Barack Obama’s legacy (which will almost certainly be a terrible one we’ll be trying to recover from for a decade or more).

That there is anything “stunning” about this only goes to show how inept the U.S. was at the negotiating table, and it goes on to further cement the fact that we have utterly failed on a foreign policy front. The amount of stunning revelations overall is the stunning thing. Kerry stunned that Iran still doesn’t like us, [mc_name name=’Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN)’ chamber=’senate’ mcid=’C001071′ ] stunned his bill was essentially worthless, Democrats stunned that Obama cares more about himself and his legacy than what the party wants, I’m stunned that there are this many stupid people in our government, etc.


The United Nations Security Council is greenlighting the move to life sanctions. Iran is emboldened. The arms race in the Middle East is going to heat up, and we’ve let the region get utterly destabilized. Chaos is in full force, and we’ve only ourselves to blame.


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