End of the School Year: Open Thread

We’re fast approaching the end of the school year for most folks, so I wanted to throw this up here. Right before the 2014 RedState Gathering, I switched from the liberal career field of journalism to the conservative bastion that is public school education (and by “right before,” mean I was hired the Tuesday before the Gathering, and showed up to it late because the Thursday and Friday the Gathering was underway, I was attending inservices for the new job). I was tossed right into the deep end on this one: the English curriculum in the school district was brand new, it was the first year of PARCC testing, and I was teaching Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for 7th grade English.

So, now with PARCC over and my first year of teaching nearly done, consider this an open thread for those of you who have dealt with Common Core through your own job as a teacher or as a parent of a child who has to do it. In particular, I’d like to know what you guys have experienced with the CCSS for English, and also list what curriculum your kids are using (or, if applicable, what curriculum you’re teaching).

Happy Monday and happy posting.