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Earlier today, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee unveiled a new site to attack the Paul Ryan Budget Plan as a part of their strategy to find something to raise money about, since they’re getting trounced every quarter. In keeping with the party’s practice, the launch was incredibly successful.


Like A Lead Balloon

It’s since been fixed, leading you to a site that features a video that cuts back and forth between Paul Ryan talking about the budget plan and ABC’s hit(?) show Scandal (I dunno, my mom and sister love it, so I guess other people watch it too???).

Just as hilarious as the original 404 of the site is the declaration that Paul Ryan’s plan is “scandalous,” given that last week was a bad week for Democrats, what with all the ones who were arrested or the target of FBI raids. A California Democrat has to drop out of the Secretary of State race because he allegedly ran guns to the Chinese mafia (I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – if I want to be involved with a gangster, you bet your bottom dollar he’ll have a rad street name like “Shrimp Boy”) to pay off campaign debts, but a Republican budget is the beginning of the End Times.


You’d think Democrats would learn to watch their words. But, if they were capable of such thought, but with the record that plays in Harry Reid’s head skipping on the Koch Brothers every day, and with Alan Grayson in general, I guess it’s a skill they haven’t grasped yet and won’t anytime soon.

P.S. RedState has a much better 404 page.

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