The King Has No Clothes...

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So we’ve all heard by now, over and over and over again; nobody in America is above the law, including the President of the United States.


Fine, fair enough. But the opposite is also true. Nobody in America is below the law, including the President of the United States.

The founders of our experiment in self-government understood the threats to liberty that an all-powerful State (King) could be if unchecked. That is why they designed our system of checks and balances, with its administration of justice, to give every benefit of every reasonable doubt to the individual citizen (defendant).

If we’ve learned anything over these past two years, it is this: the most powerful people in America haven’t been President Donald J. Trump, Vice-President Mike Pence and the 15 Senate-confirmed Cabinet Secretaries who run our executive branch of government.

Indeed, the most powerful people in America these past two years has been the un-elected and never confirmed by the Senate Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III and his 18 hand-picked prosecutors.

Our duly elected President, who is also the top law enforcement official in America, has not sent or even attempted to send a single American to jail.

Special Prosecutor Robert S. Mueller III has sent 4 people to jail…and for crimes having nothing to do with the actual crime he was appointed to investigate. None of these 4 people the Special Prosecutor and his posse sent to jail were found guilty of colluding with the Russian government.


The 4 individuals are:

1. Michael Cohen. Cohen pleaded guilty to evading taxes.

2. George Papadopoulos. Papadopoulos pleaded guilty for lying to the FBI.

3. Alex van der Zwaan. Van der Zwaan, a Dutch citizen, pleaded guilty to lying to investigators about conversations he had with an American lobbyist for Ukraine.

4. Richard Pinedo. Pinedo pleaded guilty to identity fraud.

Others are still in the federal government’s crosshairs…but so far have managed to delay their sentencing.  None of their crimes involve actual collusion with the Russian government.

The founders never intended for such a concentration of power and legal authority to be placed in the heavy hands of unelected lawyers with a political ax to grind.

Therefore, it seems abundantly obvious to me that every American citizen, irrespective of political party, should rise up and demand that the appointment of a “Special Prosecutor” or an “Independent Counsel” never happens again in the United States of America. Enough!


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