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Now that two of the more important religious holidays are behind us, Easter, and Earth Day, it’s worth assessing where we are spiritually in this country. Did I actually call Earth Day a religious holiday? Yes, I did.


Environmentalism, after all, as it is practiced throughout the world perhaps especially here in California, is a religion with devoted followers. Hundreds of millions of people around the world, including millions of people in California, are devout believers in – and devoted followers of – the Church of Environmentalism.

And just as Easter was the day hundreds of millions of people around the world, including millions of people in California, celebrated Christ’s resurrection, Earth Day is when Environmentalists celebrate the future resurrection of the Carolina Parakeet, the Golden Toad, and the West African Black Rhino.

You see, Environmentalism, like most religions actually, is a religion of doom and gloom that demands its followers always be on “mission”. And what is the mission of the religion’s most committed and faithful? To preach. To proselytize. To be “woke” in an ignorant, consumer-driven, materialistic world.

Earth Day is the day when Environmentalists gather in fellowship to share the bad news of the industrial revolution and how it has caused global resource depletion (it hasn’t) and will eventually, if allowed to infect the economic soul of humanity, achieve its final outcome; the destruction of Mother Earth and all of her inhabitants (it won’t).

We are all sinners according to the Church of Environmentalism. We are “energy sinners” as suggested by the late, great Michael Crichton in his very woke speech to the Commonwealth Club in 2003.


Unless we repent and seek salvation, as taught by all major religions, we are doomed. And where is this salvation the Church of Environmentalism promises? Crichton rightly points out that it is through “Sustainability”.

So listen carefully to these words brothers and sisters, sustainability is the salvation that humanity needs from the evil of living selfish lives of economic excess made possible by easy access to an abundance of low-cost energy, i.e., fossil fuels, which come from way down below. In the pit of, well, you get it.

Unless we repent of our sinful and self-centered economic endeavors, which is centered mostly around the false promise of abundant energy, we will go extinct, I mean perish in a fast-arriving future global inferno of our own making. Stop me if you’ve heard this before. Because you probably have.

As I said, Environmentalism isn’t that dissimilar from other global religions actually, including Christianity. Christianity teaches the bad news of sin also. What was once an earthly paradise (Garden of Eden), and after sin entered the world as a result of willful disobedience by two greedy materialists, suddenly mankind needed Salvation.

And just as the Church of Environmentalism promises salvation by embracing scarcity, which then leads to sustainability (except economic), Christianity promises salvation through the sacrifice of a savior.

Admittedly, the Church of Environmentalism doesn’t have a savior in the form of a human being whom its adherents can be saved. Well, except for maybe Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.


Environmentalists don’t need a human savior to save them because they don’t need one. Sustainability will save us if we’ll just come to believe in it and choose to live a life of material austerity as opposed to a selfish life of economic prosperity. At least that is what Thomas Malthus, the patron saint of resource depletion taught.

And speaking of false teachers, and as a Christian myself, I’d be remiss if I didn’t admit that there have been more than a few false “Christian” teachers over the years as well.

You know of whom I speak, the charlatans who promise to heal the sick, cure the blind, make the deaf hear. They travel from town to town, once upon a time in stagecoaches, and then steam trains, and now in a private Learjet, preying on the gullible.

Yes, I hate to say it, for fear of being disrespectful, but the Church of Environmentalism also has its fair share of charismatic charlatans. But enough about AOC.

Let us pray.


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