Friday Cartoon: 911! 911! Keith Olbermann Is Having Another Meltdown

SNL Countdown parody featuring Ben Affleck as Keith Olbermann. (Credit: SNL via YouTube)
(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

Since his days at MSNBC Keith Olbermann has been a living, breathing spittle-spraying parody of himself. His clownish behavior got so absurd that Saturday Night Live did a parody of him that was an instant classic. Ben Affleck played off-his-rocker-Keith.


After Olbermann was fired and retreated to his bathtub, to complain about phantom foes, Keith took to Twitter like he was made for it. Usually, on his Manhattan penthouse balcony, Keith would pretend he was back on Countdown spewing spittle-laced invectives about his enemies, real and imagined. When he didn’t have George Bush to call a Nazi fascist he had Trump to call a racist Nazi fascist on Twitter. His insane takes were fun to watch because Keith Olbermann became Keith Olbermann playing Ben Affleck playing Keith Olbermann. A parody inside a joke wrapped in a clown.

I, for one, want Olbermann back on Twitter. I understand why Elon Musk removed him and others but Keith needs a timeout, not a ban.. He’s too unintentionally funny.

My buddy Bob Hoge has a fun take here.

Watch the vid, read the Hoge, and happy Friday, fans!


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