Post-Election Cartoon: Pennsylvania Is Sending 'Abby Normal' to the US Senate

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky
(Credit: Jim Thompson)

Tuesday night was a vast disappointment but one thing bothered me more than I thought it would — Pennsylvania is sending Abby Normal to the US Senate. The Senate, unlike the House, has a six-year term. Fetterman’s stroke was months ago and neurologists have said that his best recovery has likely already happened. In other words, the bumbling trust-baby whom everyone mocked after the debate will be a US Senator in three months. Sure, Oz wasn’t the best candidate but he was able to string words together in a coherent form. Fetterman is worse than Biden when it comes to making synapses snap.


What now bothers me more than I thought it would is that last night Pennsylvania picked a walking, talking corpse as a US Senator because he had a “D” after his name. Nothing more. If, as we now expect, Schumer remains as the Majority Leader, Fetterman can have his wife put his hand on the voting machine. Schumer and the wife are really in charge. He’s an addled, useless shell and everyone knows it.

He’s the “Abby Normal” brain in Young Frankenstein.

God help us.


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