Hump Day Cartoon: The Democrats Bet on a Dead Horse

(Credit: Jim Thompson/RedState)

The J6 Committee’s final act before the midterms was to vote to subpoena Donald Trump. The committee, which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi constituted with the all-but-expressed preconditions of influencing the 2022 elections and getting Trump, did neither. While organizing it, Pelosi, in an unprecedented and petulant move, excluded anyone who wasn’t a professed Trump hater.


Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were chosen because they had the right provenance of hating Trump and technically remaining Republicans. They both voted to impeach an out-of-office ex-president and played the same game that the rest of the committee played. No one ever asked a hard question. Cheney never even pushed back at a witness who testified that Trump assaulted Secret Service agents and tried to grab the steering wheel of “The Beast.”

Like slam poetry at a San Francisco bookstore, the committee was just absurd theater. It was staged and overdone. A lot of gnashing of teeth and angst but–in the end–nothing was revealed that America didn’t already know.  Fervent nuts like Rob Reiner tuned in, but almost everyone else quickly lost interest. Election polls have confirmed that hardly anyone still cares. Even Rob Reiner knows that it’s just bad theater.


As a campaign talking point, the J6 Committee has had no impact. The committee’s hearings are a dead horse. Pelosi might try to beat that dead hag a few more times before the midterms, but no one is voting for or against a candidate because of the J6 Committee.

Pelosi will be out of the Speaker’s chair soon. Her nine million dollar production was a waste of money. Put the whip and bourbon down, Nancy. It’s over.


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