Hump Day 'Toon: Liz Cheney Dresses for Her Going-out-of-Business Party

It seems like it was just yesterday the Liz got blasted in the face like a hunting partner of her father’s. Wyoming told Liz Cheney to leave, and she is, but not before she takes some swings at Republicans on her way out of town to her seat on “The View.”


Her latest swipe was at Kari Lake, the Republican candidate for Arizona governor. Because Lake was endorsed by Trump, that was enough for Liz to say she would campaign against her and for Democrats.


Liz hates Ron DeSantis, too. In fact, besides Pelosi’s other socket puppet, Adam Kinzinger, is there a Republican that Liz Cheney likes? Is there a Republican that she has endorsed? Maybe Mitt, but that’s it.

Liz also said that she would drop being a Republican, if Trump won the nomination for 2024. Reality check, Liz. If Trump was the nominee, that would mean that her J6 committee ended up being a big fat zero. It would mean it did nothing but spend money and spin wheels. It would mean that, like Mueller, it did a lot of mental masturbation–and not a lot else. It would mean that the FBI and DOJ found nothing to nail to Trump’s hide.


In short, it would mean that Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger were massive failures, and did more to give Trump the nomination than Trump could ever do by himself. Yeah, that would be you, sweetheart. You.

So, if you want to blame someone if Trump ends up being the next nominee and president, look in the mirror.

She has no future in the Republican Party. So, make it official, Liz – put on that blue party dress. Everyone knows once your dad croaks, you’re changing parties anyway.


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