Hump Day Cartoon: Liz Cheney Aims at Trump, Blasts Facts Instead

AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite, File


Yesterday’s testimony by a minor staffer who claimed she heard all sorts of salacious details — like Trump fought with Secret Service for the steering wheel — struck me, in the moment, as absurd. That was before it all exploded later with just about everyone disputing that what she claimed ever happened.


Liz Cheney and the J6 Committee have always been a theater of the absurd, but yesterday kind of capped it for me. Cheney and the rest of her Star Chamber had facts beforehand that disputed what Hutchinson was claiming, but she let Hutchinson roll with her lies like no one would check to verify it.

Daddy would be proud of your efforts, Liz. Cheneys tend to shoot for one thing and blast something else. You’re a joke, Liz.


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