Saturday Cartoon: Joe Biden - America's First Six-Star Admiral

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

America is 16 months into Biden’s shipwreck of a presidency, and it just keeps getting worse. It feels like Biden has spent a century mucking up America. More bad news – he has another 31 months to further muck it up.


If you are not aware, Joey Hair Plugs told Annapolis graduates that he was “appointed to the Academy in 1965 by a senator who I was running against in 1972.”

Yeah…No, no he wasn’t.  Joe went on to proffer more layers of legendary Biden fables to a captive audience. The midshipmen were compelled to listen to his fiction about his football “career” because Joe is, indeed, the Commander-in-Chief.  He felt compelled to use his creepy whisper voice, while telling graduates that he was in charge – like he was leaning over a 15-year-old girl’s ear.

Joe went on to talk more about Joe – and Joe lied some more about Joe. The man is shameless. Twenty years ago, when he was still sentient, he lied. Now that he’s a human carrot, it’s hard to tell if he knows he lying or if he’s just reconstructing dreams he had of playing football with Colin Kaepernick or catching touchdown passes from Roger Staubach on an aircraft carrier. Joe is America’s 6-Star Admiral of the Army, and his wife, the greatest doctor in America.


Hey, Jim, why are you making fun of Jill? Leave Britney alone!

Nope. She’s to blame. If anyone knew that Joe was nothing more than a lump of inanimate brain matter it was Jill. She was desperate to be First Lady. Jill and Joe got their wish, and America is paying the price. Thanks, Jill.

His public approval is the lowest of any president at this point of a presidency since polls were invented, hovering around 39 percent. I’m dumbfounded. I want to know — who are the people in the 39 percent?



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