Biden's Weekend of Lies: Lying About Naval Appointment, More Falsehoods at U of Delaware

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On Saturday, Joe Biden spoke at his alma mater, the University of Delaware, for their 2022 graduation ceremony.

The day before, he spoke at the U.S. Naval Academy and told some despicable lies. He claimed he had received an appointment to the Academy in 1965, when in fact he was graduating from the University of Delaware in 1965, so that couldn’t possibly be true. He also claimed that he didn’t go to the Academy but chose to go to Delaware instead because the Academy had “Staubach and Bellino” there.


“I didn’t come to the Academy because I wanted to be a football star. And you had a guy named Staubach and Bellino here. So I went to Delaware.” Except Roger Staubach graduated in 1965 and Joe Bellino in 1961. So even that part didn’t add up.

How do you lie about receiving a Naval appointment to Navy graduates? What kind of a person does that?

The same person in the same speech who lied about the number of times he went to Iraq and Afghanistan, and followed that by implying his son died in combat. “My son spent a year in Iraq, won the Bronze Star, Conspicuous Service Medal. I lost him.”

But on Saturday, at his alma mater, he claimed that he was about bringing back “decency” and “dignity.” Maybe don’t lie as you breathe, and despicable lies into the bargain then? Because otherwise, the claim to “decency” and “dignity” is a laughable lie on top of the despicable lies. Have you no decency, have you no shame, Joe Biden?

Biden continued the lies at his alma mater, repeating the lie about traveling 17,000 miles together with Xi Jinping and meeting on the “Tibet plateau.” He keeps repeating this one, despite the fact that he’s been called out on it by the Washington Post. What does it take to get Joe Biden to stop lying?

Biden said he had no interest in running again after he lost his son Beau, and he was content to be “teaching at Penn.” That of course is another fact-stretcher; he wasn’t doing normal teaching. He had some agreement with the University of Pennsylvania where he showed up a few times, made a few remarks, and got a ton of money, close to $900,000. But again, he keeps talking about this as though he were a normal professor, and no one calls him out on it.


Biden also spoke about armed insurrectionists (presumably talking about the riot on Jan. 6).

A mob of insurrectionists stormed the Capitol, the very citadel of democracy. Imagine what you’d be thinking today if you had heard this morning before you got here that a group of a thousand people broke down the doors of the parliament of Great Britain, killed two police officers, smashed and ransacked the office of members of the British Parliament or any other, what would you think? What would you think?

This is a typical Biden falsehood by implication: two police officers were not killed on Jan. 6. None were. Officer Brian Sicknick died the next day from a stroke. Who tries to lie about the killing of police officers? The same man claiming that we need to adhere to “decency.”

Biden talked about coming together as a nation, “This is not about blue or red.” Yet he’s demonized half the country as “ultra MAGA,” claiming MAGA people are the worst extremists in history. That was after a six-month effort of Democratic operatives considering the best tagline to attack their political opponents with. The fact that’s what they come up with shows how ineffective they are.

Biden tried to sell to the Delaware students that he understood how hard paying tuition was by saying he had to pay $300 per semester. That did not go over well with folks on the left who want him to cancel student debt.


“It’s your generation, more than anyone else who will have to answer the question, who are we? What do we stand for? What do we believe? Who will we be?” Biden asked. He finished, urging the graduates to “Take it back!”

Take it back from whom? It’s the Democrats who are in power now, and we have to take the power back from, if we are to stand up for the principles of America–and against people who would lie like this to pervert those principles.



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