Monday Cartoon: After Musk Buys Twitter, Twitter Trolls Promise to Leave...They Won't

I’m not sure when it started. Celebrities and social media trolls promised to leave the USA if “X” happened. It might have started before W was elected, but it became a favorite fevered promise, that none of them kept. They promised to leave. Some of us even volunteered to pay for passage to Canada or somewhere, anywhere but here, but none of them left.


The left is now, collectively, losing their minds over Elon Musk buying Twitter. The vast majority see the end of democracy and planetary collapse — but first, they are leaving Twitter. Where they will go? They, collectively suggested that if you didn’t like Twitter, you should  “build your own.” Elon Musk didn’t build his own, he bought it instead.

So where will the complainers go? Nowhere. They’ll whine and make absurd and silly suggestions like this guy, but they aren’t going anywhere.

They’ll pearl clutch and groan but they are going anywhere. They’re too addicted to their own hypocrisy

The cry rooms at Twitter are overflowing with leftist tears. The majority will promise to leave in protest, but they won’t.

Promises will be made. None will be kept.



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