The 'Don't Say Gay' Contagion Is Killing the Left - Good

NewYork City news conference at City Hall - 4/4/22

A new contagion has infected the left. It spread faster than an STD at Studio 54. The new sickness has attached to the left’s messaging like a determined COVID spike protein.


The “Don’t Say Gay” message has gone coast to coast at the speed of the internet. Like most leftist messaging, it passed over “flyover country” and attached almost entirely in enclaves of leftist groupthink. It has a near 100 percent infection rate with rich white coastal elitists and hard leftists of all colors and all but two of the 221 genders. Somewhere, someone (I’m thinking it was someone working for Disney) came up with the “Don’t Say Gay” message. It’s easy to repeat and can be distilled into one word – Gay. Catchy, but still a lie.

The left spread it on social media and the media willingly helped. They all repeated the “Don’t Say Gay” lie. Hollywood thought it would be a brilliant opening bit for the Oscars so the hosts repeated “Gay, Gay, Gay,” and all the trained seals in the audience repeated it too. “Gay, Gay Gay.”

The left has repeated it ad nauseam. Americans heard it,  and asked: “What does the bill really say and do?” They didn’t have to read the Federal Tax Code or an Omnibus Budget bill – all they needed to was read a few pages. And many did. Those on the right and a growing number of gays and sane liberals simply answered with “Read the bill.”

The polling has been consistently ruinous for Democrats and the left. Once people read what was in the bill, the vast majority supported it. The word “gay” never appears in the bill. Not Once. The bill stops teachers from sexualizing children K through 3rd grade. Not a hard sell to the sane, but the left wouldn’t let go. They repeat: “Gay Gay Gay,” or  “Don’t Say Gay.” And sane Americans ask:  “Why do you want to sexualize 5-year-olds?”


The left doubled and tripled down. They’ve consistently lied about the contents of the bill. But more people read it and realized that they were lying. Biden has jumped in, claiming that it will “harm trans kids.” But Americans who read the bill know that’s a lie. Jen Psaki wants to avoid it now. She knows it’s a dagger in the heart.  They know that it doesn’t do any of those things. The “Don’t Say Gay” crowd kept repeating the lie. Quietly, America said, “Why do you want sexualize children?”

I’ve never seen the left so completely misread the room. This issue isn’t about compassion or saying “gay.” Everyone feels compassion for children.  I do hold visceral revulsion for adults who want to sexualize children. Thankfully my position seems to be the dominant view. But the left won’t let go.

Now the City of New York has produced a digital ad campaign to entice Floridians to move to New York City. The digital poster that repeats the word “Gay” is the message. The idea that anyone living in Florida would move to the most expensive city in the US so they can say “gay” is absurd — but that, apparently, is the message of New York City.


“Come to the City where you can say whatever you want.”


Say whatever you want, as long as you’re children are still wearing masks. You can say whatever you want – unless you say what you want and use the wrong pronouns of a nonbinary-two bear dude dressed like a poodle – then you can’t say what you want. Or if you complain about men in women’s restrooms – in that case, you can’t say what you want. Or if you’re offended by people who want to sexualize children – keep your mouth shut. Or, if you’re a conservative at the New York Times, you’d best shut up entirely. But you can say “gay” — just like you can say “gay” in Florida.

It is stunning – watching the left burn itself down. I for one hope they repeat this message into November. It’s a winner. I heartedly support it.



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