2022 Banished Words

Let’s circle back to January 2021. Jen Psaki was introduced as the administration’s spokesperson and her favorite catchphrase (when she couldn’t conjure a lie) was “circle back.” In the first two weeks of Biden’s administration, Psaki circled back so many times America got vertigo. Psaki must have been told to stop circling back to circle back because like a poop that circles a toilet bowl, it disappeared. Banned from her lexicon.

A few days ago, the Daily Mail published a Lake Superior University list of “banned” words and phrases. Lake Superior State U has published a list of “banished” words since 1976. “Circle back” was included on this year’s list – used and overused in 2021, banned for 2022, and, apparently, forever. The full list of overused words and phrases is found below.

What, pray-tell, is Lake Superior State University? It has an enrollment of about 2,200 students and its campus is kind of close to Lake Superior. It’s closer to Saint Mary River than to Lake Superior or Lake Huron, but it’s super close to a Holiday Inn (I looked it up). The university has a basketball team. Fortunate, because they do play basketball at the U. LSSU has garnered some fame with its annual list of banned words. Let’s get into it.

The full list and the explanation of why they are banned and banished can be found on LSSU’s website.

  1. Wait…What?
  2. No Worries
  3. At the end of the day
  4. That being said
  5. Asking for a friend
  6. Circle back
  7. Deep dive
  8. New normal
  9. You’re on mute
  10. Supply chain

I’ll admit to using one of the above. Maybe two. In any event, the list doesn’t touch on the most obvious and easily the most absurdly overused word in America and likely in all of modernity. If you haven’t guessed yet, let’s take a deep dive into the new normal.

First on my list:

Racist. Don’t ban it; ban the empty-headed use of it. How that word went from describing truly awful people to a throw-away term is baffling and shameful. Now it’s used to define anyone or anything that leftists don’t like. It’s been diluted to the point that it has no more impact than taking aspirin for a kidney stone. If a leftist loses an argument, you’re a racist. It’s their catch-all. Clean air? Racist. Bridges? Racist. Math? That’s racist, too. It’s theater of the absurd. “Racist” used to be the worst thing to call someone. Now it carries no weight. Well done, leftist.

Coming in a close second:

Nazi. Leftists use “Nazi” as a descriptor for anyone on the right. Pro-life? Nazi. Pro-border? Nazi. Do you think a man can’t become a woman? You’re a Nazi. Weather isn’t climate. Nazi. 99.9% of the people who use that term couldn’t identify what it means beyond “everyone I don’t like is a Nazi,” and let’s be clear, the people closest to Nazi ideology aren’t the clowns identifying as Neo-Nazis, it’s the Antifa goons who dress in all black, hide their ugly mugs and gang up to beat up defenseless people. Ban the term Nazi, and while we’re at it, ban the cosplaying Antifa clowns. Ok, I’m overusing “clowns.” Sorry.

And finally, ban and banish  “can’t even.

Unless you’re on social media you might not be familiar with this one. It’s a sentence fragment employed by lazy people to express their emotion about something, anything. A cute dog? They “can’t even.” A terrible event? “Can’t Even.” Burned some cookies? “Can’t even.” Greta Thunberg sheds a tear and screams, “How dare you!” They definitely, “can’t even.”

Had enough? Me too. Let’s circle back to the new normal, like, never….K?

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