CODE RED: Democrats Dance With the Devil

We all saw it. I’d like to gouge the image from my memory. Chuck Schumer dancing. The crypt-keeper in a polo was cutting a rug in New York while Americans in Kabul are in hiding or waiting to find a way to run a gauntlet of barbarians to safety.

At the same time, Nancy Pelosi was hosting a Democrat fundraiser in California. Not a mask in sight for the elites. Nope, that’s for the “unwashed masses”.

Joe Biden was roused from his nap long enough to deliver more pablum and nonsense about “extending” the deadline for evacuating Americans. The Taliban quickly responded with a fat “NO”. The Taliban know that if there is a deadline extension it will be on their terms, not Biden’s. Biden is dancing with the devil, and the devil is taking the lead.

While the Taliban mock Biden for his impotency and incompetency, the Chinese have joined in. Chinese state-controlled media mocked Biden for his handling of the Afghanistan debacle. The Chinese aren’t evacuating personnel from Afghanistan. They’re in league with the barbarians.  China is working, hand in glove, with the Taliban and will soon be mining minerals worth billions. Dancing with devils, but the Chinese are leading.

Run-away inflation, a crushing national debt, rising crime, a sieve for a southern border, a senate run by Gollum, the House controlled by the Borg queen, and a president made of pudding. But no mean tweets.

Democrats are waltzing us into oblivion.

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