CODE RED: Of Masks and Robots

I am vaccinated. On a walk, my wife and I passed a guy wearing a mask. We weren’t masked. He put his arm up to his already masked face and recoiled, like he was Dracula blocking the dint of a crucifix. We went to breakfast recently, and a family had masks on. All of them. The youngest was maybe 4. She left her mask on the entire meal. No one was within 20 feet.


While walking my dog, I saw girls on swings. They were wearing masks. It was 90 degrees.  A pattern.

Even the CDC isn’t recommending masks for vaccinated people in open air spaces, but the CDC does recommend that you fully vaccinated, birthing and non-birthing persons wear a mask at home if you have children.

I fear we are creating robots.  Maybe that’s the point.


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