CODE RED COMICS: The Cleveland Baseball Club Is Now Named "The Guardians"

The Redskins are gone. Now they are just a football team. Just a few years ago 90% of Native Americans were not offended by the name. Cleveland’s logo of Chief Wahoo was in my opinion offensive, but the name Indians was offensive? Not according to natives who by a vast majority are not offended. The people most offended were white ESPN Karens.


No matter, The Cleveland Indians are now the Cleveland Guardians. Does anyone have a clue what guardians have to do with the city of Cleveland? Guarding the water supply? Guardians of the Galaxy Mall?

Is there’s an announcement of a new mascot? Maybe like Stanford they will go full woke and change it to a tree? I’d prefer an obnoxious but seriously rabid raccoon. He’d jump into the stands and start chewing on the ankles of opposing team fans. He’d steal their beer and disappear under the left field bleachers.

I know, an obnoxious raccoon is taken, but only for CGI movies. Come on Cleveland, pull the trigger. Oops – I take that back. Don’t pull any triggers. Hey if you are considering a color change how ‘bout “brown”, like in the water? Oh, that’s taken. Sorry.



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