Cleveland Indians Finally Announce a New Lame Name, With Help From Tom Hanks

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Political correctness strikes again.

This time it’s finally come for the name of the Cleveland Indians. People have been going after the name for a while, as well as any other names that have any similar Indian associations. As we previously reported, they had been in the process of whittling down the choices of a new name for some months.


But they’re now settled on one.

They did it in an unusual way, with a video with the voice of actor Tom Hanks. They have him intoning piously in the background as he talks about the history of the team and how things change, introducing the new logos as well.

I enjoyed seeing shots of Bob Feller and manager Frank Robinson in the video. But apart from that, this video and the name is just a big swing and a miss. Guardians? What does that even have to do with the team? The video doesn’t really say. But the team tried to explain. They said they had “heard this name often from our fans as a top contender because of it’s[sic] connection to the iconic Cleveland landmark – The Hope Memorial Bridge that stands just outside of our ballpark where the Guardians of Traffic have become a symbol of the city’s resiliency.”

So you want to associate the team with snarling…traffic?

The team has been the Indians for more than 100 years and it’s already clear that this name change is not going over well with the die-hard fans.


Folks are not enamored of the name, as a poll on the Sporting News already showed, with the poll showing that people were going majority thumbs down at the time of this writing.

The team owner said he was “spurred” to change the name by the killing of George Floyd and the ensuing riots. So once again this is just about virtue signaling. Meanwhile, while they eliminated the name, they’re still selling merchandise with the controversial logo of “Chief Wahoo” that they stopped wearing in 2018. So even their virtue signaling is a bit twisted.

They released a statement last year that our Alex Parker reported.

We are committed to making a positive impact in our community and embrace our responsibility to advance social justice and equality. Our organization fully recognizes our team name is among the most visible ways in which we connect with the community.

Um, their “responsibility” is to play baseball. No one is paying them money to be preached to about “social justice” (which is less about justice but about empty posturing and pushing the radical leftist agenda). Fans are paying to see good baseball and that’s what their “responsibility” is to deliver.


Meanwhile, their Twitter account is still @Indians.

Farewell, Indians.


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