CODE RED COMICS: Routine Check Up for Kamala Harris

Yesterday, Harris was on her way to Walter Reed for a routine check-up. Apparently, her check-up was simply coincidental to her prep talk with Covid infected Texans. Apparently, three of the gaggle of fugitives-from-working are Covid positive. There is no word if drinking Miller Lite caused the infections, but I don’t think it can be ruled out.


Should Harris fear for her safety? Her staff reported that she wasn’t in “close contact” with the infected Dems and this check-up was just “routine”.

Harris is routinely wrong, and routinely bad at her job. Is being generally awful and bad at your job considered comorbidities? What would brain scans of the Veep’s head reveal?

I’d love to know why she cackles at every question that is more complex than: “what day is it?” Is the frontal lobe underdeveloped?

Perhaps this routine visit will reveal more. Stay tuned.


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