Why the Most Important Part of the Story About the Fleeing Texas Democrats Is Their Beer Choice

AP Photo/Ivan Moreno, File

Reading a post by our own Thomas LaDuke earlier, I couldn’t help but be struck by a point he makes about the fleeing Texas Democrats and their original group photo of them on the plane.

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I want to focus on this one paragraph in particular:

Can we all just agree that if you have the dough to charter a plane and get nice accommodations to reside while visiting one of the most overpriced cities in the world, that you could drink a higher quality beer than Miller Lite?

LaDuke is referring to this picture here with all the Democrats on a bus heading to the airport with a case of Miller Light conveniently placed within the camera shot.

The Michigander has a point, but as a Texan, I want to build on it and make it very clear that it’s not just the quality of the beer, it’s the choice of the brand.

I don’t think I need to tell you that we Texans are a very proud people. We wear our state pride on our sleeve to the point where some of us say our nationality is “Texan.” When we joke about seceding from the Union we’re either half-joking or not joking at all.

That pride in our state also includes some of the things that originate from the state, including its liquors and beers. It’s not uncommon to find Lone Star or Shiner at parties or being consumed at bars here. Shiner offers so many different seasonal flavors that the return of Ruby Red is a celebratory event.

That’s not to say light beer isn’t commonly consumed in Texas, but when it is, nine times out of ten it’s going to be Bud Light. The last time I saw anyone in my state actively order Miller Light was when it was being offered on sale and by the pitcher by a group of dudes at a driving range.

All this to say, if you’re trying to appear as a politician of the people in Texas, you’re not going to reach for a box of Miller Light. You’re going to get a case of Shiner or Lone Star. It’s exactly what Ted Cruz did when he was fighting for his seat against Beto O’Rourke.

But Democrats bought Miller Light and decided to display that. It’s an odd choice, and even people who don’t drink Shiner or Lone Star may be confused why representatives of Texas would proudly display a Wisconsin beer as their party drink of choice.

I’ve made it clear that these Texas Democrats don’t care about voting rights and that a lot of what they’re doing is just taxpayer-funded performance art.

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This beer choice was the first clue that these Democrats weren’t trying to actually represent the people of Texas and that it was all an act, moreover because they don’t know what it is to be one of the people. They didn’t reach for a Texas beer, they reached for a beer they thought we the people drank.

“The peasants surely drink this swill so we will buy it and display it, and surely they’ll believe our cause to be righteous because we’re one of them!” they must have thought.

I’m not sure how many of them actually planned to drink the beer if any, but even if they did, the choice of beer they chose to display felt even more fake because of the brand of choice. They can’t even pander to their own constituency.

And it’s because they don’t understand their own constituency. Keep in mind that the thing they’re fighting for isn’t even for Texas, it’s against it. They’ve made it clear they want to push the “for the people act” which would give the federal government the power to decide how Texas runs its own elections. They aren’t working for us, they’re working for the Democrats. Period. End of story.

So it doesn’t surprise me that Democrat Texas representatives decided their “of the people” prop was one that Texans actively refer to as flavored water or worse. They’re not really one of us, they don’t listen to us, and they certainly don’t feel the same pride we do as Texans.