Schumer Hides Behind Children While Claiming He's NRA's Public Enemy Number 1

Chuck Schumer is the sort of conniving weasel that almost makes you long for the days when the Senate Democrats got their marching orders from Harry Reid. Like every other card carrying leftist this week, Schumer is all about taking guns away from law abiding people (because that is supposed to prevent bad guys from shooting people somehow).


Look, the old fossil even changed his Twitter avatar to show he’s hip to the social media in addition to  being a real tough guy.

Proudly calling himself the National Rifle Association’s “Public Enemy No. 1,” Sen. Chuck Schumer urged congressional Republican leaders Sunday to listen to the “millions and millions” of March for Our Lives protesters by introducing gun-control legislation.

Maybe this is the end goal of the left’s mantra proclaiming that the NRA is a “terrorist organization.” Their tough talk must really impress the idiots who buy that malarkey. Whoa that guy’s calling out terrorists. What a badass. Too bad real terrorists don’t get that sort of talking to.

“This weekend, I marched alongside amazing kids and worried families who are doing things Congress and NRA loyalists have long refused: forcing action on gun violence,” Schumer said in Columbus Circle in Manhattan, flanked by dozens of students.

Specifically, Schumer marched alongside amazing kids hand picked to represent various ethnicities for his photo-op, many of whom would probably have been home playing video games if their parents had given them the choice.


Schumer demanded that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and House Speaker Paul Ryan introduce legislation that would establish a universal background check for firearms purchases — closing loopholes for gun-show and online buys — and protective orders to disarm those deemed to be dangerous to themselves or others.

There’s no indication that Schumer had anything to say about the FBI fumbling multiple tips that Nikolas Cruz was likely going to shoot up a school. I’m guessing he didn’t say much about closing loopholes that allow Sheriff’s deputies to hide behind cars instead of engaging a murderer on a shooting spree. I could be wrong.

“The young people have made it clear to us that they want something done,” Schumer said. “They are our leaders.”

I’m sure violent criminals aren’t exactly trembling at the thought of elected Democrats being led by children, unless it’s with laughter.

By disarming law abiding citizens, Democrats only make the criminals’ job easier.


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