Guess What Those Crazy Extremists in Utah Just Legalized

The state of Utah just legalized…well…um…childhood.

This is a good thing, obviously, but it’s still a sad commentary on the state of American society. Our descent into nanny-statism has made everyone paranoid about everything involving kids. While the nanny-staters love elevating children to sages on the mountaintop when it fits their gun control agenda, younger kids have lost the freedom to range…well…freely.


Some parents have literally had their children taken away by the government for letting them do what kids *gasp* play outside unsupervised.

Utah has said “no more” to this sort of idiocy.

Utah has legalized a controversial child-rearing method known as “free-range parenting,” encouraging children to be independent.

The “controversial” method is the one that has been employed all over the world for practically all of human history.

Gov. Gary Herbert signed the bill, which states it’s not neglectful for parents to allow their kids to do the following without adult supervision: walk to and from school, play outside, be in a car unattended, stay home alone.

The law states that children must be mature enough to handle each situation, though it does not specify an age. It’s believed to be the first legislation of its kind in the United States and takes effect May 8.

Utah lawmakers said they were prompted to pass the law after seeing cases where parents had their children temporarily removed when people reported seeing the kids playing basketball in their yards or walking to school alone, the Associated Press reported.

Some people see this as government presuming to have the right to dictate your parenting style but I don’t think that’s what this is.


I think this is a preemptive strike against the busybodies who destroy families lives by reporting normal parents for letting their kids be normal kids the same way most adults grew up. It’s like the Constitution enshrining our pre-existing rights.

Statists seem hellbent on raising children who are afraid of everything. This law seems like it is to counteract the nonsense regulations that hurt good people for not raising wimpy, overly dependent kids who end up whining about the massive debt they incurred to pay for their art history degree that isn’t helping them find a job.


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