Science! Doctors Induced Lactation in Man Who Wanted to Breast Feed Partner's Child

Scientists claim to be working for the common good but who gets to define what that is?

The bizarre fetish people have for the pseudo-science of gender fluidity is making ever more disturbing strides to satisfy the desires of people who are unable to accept their biological nature. Now doctors have managed to make a man lactate because he wanted to breast feed his significant other’s baby. The New York Times refers to the man as a “transgender woman” and use the politically but not grammatically or scientifically correct feminine pronouns to refer to him.


When a transgender woman told doctors at a hospital in New York that she wanted to breast-feed her pregnant partner’s baby, they put her on a regimen of drugs that included an anti-nausea medication licensed in Britain and Canada but banned in the United States.

The illegal drug being used in this case is called Domperidone. The FDA has banned it specifically for risks involved with using it to promote lactation.

Domperidone is not currently a legally marketed human drug and it is not approved for sale in the U.S. On June 7, 2004, FDA issued a public warning that distributing any domperidone-containing products is illegal. FDA also issued an Import Alert instructing FDA field personnel to detain shipments of finished drug products and bulk ingredients containing domperidone, and refuse admission into the US. FDA took this action because of the concern about the potential serious health risks associated with the use of domperidone by lactating women to enhance breast milk production. (emphasis added)

The serious risks associated with domperidone include cardiac arrhythmias, cardiac arrest, and sudden death. These risks are related to the blood level of domperidone, and higher levels in the blood are associated with higher risks of these events. Concurrent use of certain commonly used drugs, such as erythromycin, could raise blood levels of domperidone and further increase the risk of serious adverse cardiac outcomes.


Domperidone may be useful for treating severe gastrointestinal problems and it appears that the FDA makes allowances for its use in these cases.

Within a month, according to the journal Transgender Health, the woman, 30, who was born male, was producing droplets of milk. Within three months — two weeks before the baby’s due date — she had increased her production to eight ounces of milk a day.

In the end, the study showed, “she was able to achieve sufficient breast milk volume to be the sole source of nourishment for her child for six weeks,” according to the journal.

I refuse to sacrifice science to feelings and join in this confusion. The reason this person could not naturally produce milk is that this person is a man. He had the disordered desire to breast feed a child and doctors, rather than treating his mental illness, bombarded his system with drugs and hormones in order to chemically force his breast tissue to produce milk.

The case report describes the man’s “History of Present Illness.” Apparently men being unable to breastfeed now qualifies as an “illness.”

A 30-year-old transgender woman presented to clinic seeking help to achieve her goal of breastfeeding. She explained that her partner was pregnant but not interested in breastfeeding, and that she hoped to take on the role of being the primary food source for her infant.

The patient’s medical history was significant for gender incongruence for which she initiated a feminizing hormone regimen in 2011. At the time of our first visit, she was taking spironolactone 50 mg po bid, estradiol 2 mg po bid, and micronized progesterone 100 mg po bid. Her medical history was also significant for panic disorder, for which she was taking occasional clonazepam, and insomnia, for which she was taking occasional zolpidem. She was otherwise known to be in good general health and reported no complaints.


It’s unsurprising that the man’s medical history includes mental health issues.

Dr. Tamar Reisman and Zil Goldstein, a nurse practitioner, of the Mount Sinai Center for Transgender Medicine and Surgery in New York, say the case illustrates that, in some circumstances, modest but functional lactation can be induced in transgender women who did not give birth or undergo surgery.

The scientists involved justify this using the normal upsides to normal breastfeeding such as immunological benefits, mother child bonding, and even economic benefits derived from not having to purchase baby formula. There is no data supporting that the sort of artificial lactation acheived through drugs has any immunological benefits. In this case the person breastfeeding the child is not even the child’s mother (and is probably not even a biological parent). On the economic front one has to assume that the cost of this “treatment” outweighs any savings on formula.

Let’s just call this what it is: vanity. A child is being used as a prop to satisfy a deluded person’s need to affirm their delusion. Was any thought given to the effects on the child in this case? Consuming milk from a man whose system is pumped full of artificial hormones and drugs can’t be healthier than using baby formula.

We now live in a culture that is suspicious of genetically modified food sources and the levels of hormones present in dairy products, but will look at this Frankensteinesque bastardization of human biology as a great acheivement for science and social justice.




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