If You Demand the Firing of People Who Insult Christianity, You're Failing at Conservatism

Recently I was watching Jerry Seinfeld’s show Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee on Netflix. Jerry’s guest on this particular episode was comedian Norm MacDonald. The topic of Bill Cosby’s sexual misconduct came up in their conversation and Norm said that Patton Oswalt had said to him that the worst part about the Cosby revelations was the hypocrisy. To this Norm replied that he thought the worst part was actually the raping.


MacDonald is obviously correct about that, but there are situations where the hypocrisy is indeed worse than the act that exposes it.

The recent garbage commentary spewed by garbage comedian Joy Behar on the garbage television show The View has gotten nearly as much Fox News play as the school shooting in Florida. This is because it is exactly the sort of thing thing that fuels the engine of the machine which churns out ratings.

Joy Behar is absolutely a hypocrite and a coward. She would more than likely never say anything about Muslims or Jews that remotely resembled what she said about Vice President Mike Pence. She more than likely won’t say anything similar about Oprah Winfrey whose statements of faith are now being used as a counterpunch by the whatabout-ists. The left’s double standards, of course, allow minorities to be open about their faith. Leftists see religious faith as a sign of inferiority, but they already think most minorities are inferior so they allow them their “superstitions.”

Remember, Tim Tebow’s openness about his beliefs is intrusive and unseemly while the same public expression from any number of black athletes is allowed to stand without a trace of criticism from the anti-theist left.

Since Behar made her innane jokes, demands for apologies, her firing, and cancellation of The View abound on social media, and they are every bit as hypocritical as people like Behar.


I have railed against hypocrisy and double standards for more than a year here at RedState and when it comes to simply saying things that are hypocritical, the hypocrisy is always worse than the statements revealing it. No one should care what Joy Behar thinks or says about Christians or religion in general. The people who should care the least are those who celebrate anyone who bucks the system of political correctness.

If you’re going to yuk it up over Mohammed cartoons or crass comments about women, you’re in no position to cry foul over someone insulting your religion. Demanding action be taken against a television personality for saying something you find offensive while simulataneously mocking “snowflakes” and “safe spaces” is every bit as hypocritical as any attack on religious Christians by the sort of people who sport “Coexist” bumper stickers on their hybrids.


Condemn the left’s double standards as much as you want, but if you start using your own against them, you’re failing at being a conservative. If something is wrong for one tribe, it’s wrong for all the tribes. To say otherwise is relativism which is wholly incompatible with Christianity as well as conservatism.



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