The Best People! Trump's Pre-Pubescent Drug Control Appointee Resigns Due To Nonexistent Work History

We are constantly told that the opioid crisis is a top priority of the Trump administration while Attorney General Sessions is bucking public opinion to ramp up the war on marijuana. Fighting drugs would seem to be important to those in power right now so you would think the promise to hire “the best people” would definitely apply to the White House’s team of people focused on the drug problem.


So why would the President appoint to a high level position in the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy someone who might not even get an interview for a job at his local Old Navy store?

Taylor Weyeneth was appointed to Deputy Chief of Staff in the Office of National Drug Control Policy at the tender age of 23. His only prior work experience was working for the Trump campaign in some capacity. Reportedly, Weyeneth’s resume greatly embellished a part time job with a New York law firm from which he was terminated for not showing up.

This is yet another example of how the Trump administration while calling for “extreme vetting” when it comes to letting people into the country—a very good idea—seems to have done no vetting on certain appointments within the White House.

I doubt that the nation was put in jeaopardy by sticking a a child into what is probably a rather pointless position so don’t mistake this for faux outrage. It’s no secret that getting a job in Washington quite often has nothing to do with capabilities or qualifications. Quite often the job itself isn’t even something that really needs to exist.


It’s the way of “The Swamp.” People get gigs based on who they know and to whom they’ve shown loyalty. Washington is a town of fiefdoms within fiefdoms and someone saw Weyeneth as a loyal soldier who would help them climb the career ladder.

Every administration has had it’s share of completely unqualified clowns drawing a big paycheck. The difference here is that the media is highly motivated to uncover incompetence in the Trump White House. Their obvious bias shouldn’t really be a problem though since we were promised an outsider who was going to change the way Washington worked and drain the swamp.

Business as usual in Washington is not easily changed, no matter who is in power.



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