A Big Bunch of Idiots Dressed as Dinosaurs Protested Something at the White House

Hey, at least it’s not genitalia costumes. That’s something to be thankful for.

A bunch of idiots marched on Washington today dressed up in those inflatable dinosaur costumes that were once kind of funny but have now just become annoying. “Marched” is probably the wrong word because those costumes make people walk like they had lunch at Ben’s Chili Bowl and now there’s not a portable toilet to be found.



Maybe it’s a great idea. People will be aware of this protest and will be talking about it for days.

“Hey, did you see that dinosaur protest?”

“Yeah, that was hilarious. Everyone was dressed as a dinosaur.”

“Right. What were they protesting?”


Ok, maybe not such a great idea.


The tyrannosaurus wrecks  were protesting budget cuts to National Service programs.

On Wednesday, a crowd of protestors dressed in dinosaur costumes marched on the White House to protest President Trump’s proposed cuts to programs including the Peace Corps and Americorps, otherwise known as the employers of America’s liberal arts college graduates.


Yeah, well then maybe the budget isn’t the real problem here.

According to Trump’s proposed 2018 budget, which will start to roll out in October, the government branch that oversees Americorps will be eliminated entirely. That organization employs 80,000 Americans per year.

Alarmed by Trump’s distaste for national service, the protesters donned inflatable T-rex costumes and carried signs that read, “Stop national service extinction,” capitalizing on their gimmick.

The gimmick also says that national service is a giant predatory bird-lizard thing, dead for millions of years.

Dinosaurs are supposed to be extinct. Maybe we should consider that some of these federal programs should be as well.


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