'SABOTAGE': In Tone Deaf Fundraising Email Team Trump Blames Media For His Disastrous Week

By any measure, the last couple of weeks haven’t been good ones for President Trump. The firing of Jim Comey and then the release of intelligence to the Russians which absolutely didn’t happen until Trump himself tweeted that it absolutely did, energized his opponents on the left and had them shrieking about a Constitutional crisis and treason.


Now it looks like Trump fired Comey after unsuccessfully trying to get him to drop the Mike Flynn investigation. All the details aren’t clear but what is clear is that when Trump finds himself in a hole, his instinct is to keep digging.

So what does a guy like that do after the worst political week anyone ever had without involving underage hookers? What does he do with this mess that he created for himself?

He uses it to fundraise! What else? The Trump-Pence team even spins it as a conspiracy against him with the subject line “SABOTAGE.”


Granted, apart from some sycophants at Fox News the media is no friend to Trump, but the media isn’t responsible for Trump’s self inflicted wounds. The media always attacks Republicans. Trump just makes it incredibly easy for them to land punches.

Trump was sold to us as someone who is “not a professional politician.” That was more accurate than all the other campaign rhetoric, because this looks like amateur hour.

As I’ve said before, Trump is a politician at heart. He’s just not a very skilled one.



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