VIDEO: Man Dressed as Carrot Steals Generic Leftist Protester's Thunder...Really

In this video shot at Auburn University, the kid dressed like a fugitive from a high school drama class and carrying a drum is angry about stuff. It’s not exactly clear what he’s angry about—something about fascist police patrolling neighborhoods and terrorizing transgendered people. It’s like someone planned a leftist protest by using a book of Mad Libs.

The crowd seems to be there mostly to watch the embarrassing spectacle unfold and not to listen to the pink fauxhawded hipster’s grievances. This probably only made him angrier about the effects of climate change on transgenders of color and their access to affordable birth control. Or whatever.

Then comes a guy who is totally committed to a pun. He’s dressed as a carrot because he doesn’t “carrot all about your outrage.”


Seems like the kids at Auburn are a lot more sympathetic to root vegetables than left wing histrionics.

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