Hundreds Brawl in Berkeley, Media Focuses on a Single Punch

Sports fans often use the callous phrase “rooting for injuries” to describe their feelings about a game between two teams they dislike. That’s sort of how I felt about the fracas that occurred in Berkeley, California between Trumpists and left wing fascists over the weekend. The old media made it clear that they have already chosen sides though.


In the wake of Saturday’s protest violence in Berkeley, videos and photos of the brawls that broke out have been circulating online

One clip, in particular, is sparking outrage at a known white supremacist, a student at California State University, Stanislaus.

Of all the fist-fights, explosions and bloody brawls that broke out at Saturday’s so-called “Patriots Day” protest in downtown Berkeley, one moment stood out.

In a video posted to social media, a young woman — apparently protesting Pres. Trump — is seen being sucker-punched.

A reverse-angle picture shows her own fist extended as well. The video and image have gone viral — not least because the man throwing the punch is Nathan Damigo, founder of the white supremacist organization known as “Identity Europa.”

First, a “sucker punch” is most commonly understood as a punch delivered to a completely unsuspecting victim. I’m not sure any punch where the two combatants are facing each other in the middle of a massive street fight qualifies as a sucker punch.

I’m not even sure that it was immediately evident that this was a woman and not a skinny white dude with dreadlocks. Either way, she was bouncing around in a manner that suggested she was looking for someone to square off with.


That’s not to say that white supremacist Nathan Damigo isn’t a colossal douchebag for punching a woman in the face, as well as for…well…being white supremacist Nathan Damigo.

The clip which possibly show a racist jerk intentionally victimizing a woman is the perfect nugget for the media to use in bolstering their narrative about the Trump administration. The possibility that the clip just depicts one idiot getting the better of another idiot in a brawl between two mobs of idiots isn’t even entertained.



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