Chicago Celebrates a Whole Week Without a Fatal Shooting


It looked as if Chicago was going to achieve something on Sunday that hadn’t happened for half a decade.

However, that was before the Cook County Medical Examiner’s office on Sunday afternoon reported the homicide of 22-year-old Antoine D. Watkins from multiple gunshot wounds. Police say they found him lying face down Saturday in a vacant lot about a block from where he lived in the Austin neighborhood on the city’s west side.

Before that fatal shooting, the last one had occurred Feb. 26.


There have already been more than 100 homicides in the Windy City so far this year.

As of Monday, there have been 102 homicides in the city this year, according to Sun-Times records. Of the 102 victims, 97 were shot to death four have been fatally stabbed, and 2-month-old Aliya Acosta died of child abuse. As of this date in 2016, 111 homicides had occurred in the city.

Somehow Democrats are less offended that there is carnage occurring in cities like Chicago than they are about Donald Trump acknowledging it in his inaugural address. Maybe that’s because they know that it’s their fault. The only places where going a week without a fatal shooting is considered a milestone are places that have been run by left wing Democrats for decades.



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