This Video of an Unhinged #TrumpProtest Hillary Nut is Hilariously Insane

This video is amazing. Zero to crazy in 30 seconds.

A CNN reporter is interviewing a relatively normal looking guy at anti-Trump protests in Chicago. For about 30 seconds he sounds like a perfectly reasonable guy (apart from being a Hillary supporter). He’s pleading with protesters to stop blocking streets, vandalizing public property, and burning flags. He asks Hillary to step up and soothe the unrest.

Then suddenly he goes full nutjob and starts delivering a lecture about alternate universe U.S. history and civics.  He wants Hillary to walk into the Supreme Court and tell them to unilaterally declare America to be a pure democracy so our elections don’t become like some imaginary time where black people’s votes only counted as 1/3 of a vote.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

It’s oddly reminiscent of almost every time I’ve allowed myself to get drawn into a conversation on public transportation. Crazy people can camouflage themselves as rational human beings for short intervals, but by the time the camouflage fails, you’re already trapped.

Also, I wonder if the Trump protester is related to this guy.


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