'A Really Great Man': More Audio Of Trump Praising Awful People Surfaces

CNN found some audio of “conservative Republican” Donald Trump heaping praise on Hillary Clinton and other Democrats in 2007. Speaking to talk radio host Don Imus, Trump spoke lovingly of some of the worst politicians on the left.


Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and even tax cheat Charlie Rangel were all really great and terrific people in Trump’s book.

The context of the discussion about Hillary was with regard to Imus’ controversial performance at the 1996 White House Correspondents Dinner where he took some direct shots at then First Lady Hillary Clinton.

On Thursday night, Mr. Imus began by shuffling some papers in front of him, saying that they did not appear to be his notes. He wondered where they had come from, and said that they did not look like papers someone would leave lying around.

He then looked directly at Mrs. Clinton, making an obvious connection to an aide’s finding of papers important to the Whitewater investigation “lying around” in a room at the White House. Later, Mr. Imus jokingly referred to Mrs. Clinton’s having been “indicted.”

It’s funny how that specter of indictment has been hovering over Hillary her entire public life. Because of the way he was treated for daring to offend the Clintons, Imus wouldn’t have Hillary on his show as a guest.

TRUMP: As you know, I mentioned that Hillary wanted to really get on your show. She has a lot of respect for you but it doesn’t seem to be reciprocal. She’s a terrific woman and she’d do your show gladly but you don’t seem to want her…

TRUMP: If I were Hillary—and she really is a terrific woman—If I were Hillary I wouldn’t want any part of you.


On Bill Clinton:

TRUMP: I watched Bill Clinton yesterday give a speech and people do like Bill Clinton there’s no question about it. I play golf with him and I like him.

On Nancy Pelosi and Charlie Rangel:

TRUMP: Well I know Nancy Pelosi and I actually got to meet her through a great friend of mine—and really a great man—Charlie Rangel. Charlie introduced me to her and I got to like her a lot and I’ve been with her a little bit and I think she’s going to be terrific and I think Charlie and the Democrats are…I think they’re going to do a very good job.

Charlie Rangel a great man? Seriously?



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