Did a Trump Staffer Actually Threaten Megyn Kelly On Twitter?

Things got heated last night when Fox News’ Megyn Kelly interviewed Donald Trump surrogate Newt Gingrich. Newt blew his top when Kelly referred to Donald Trump as a “sexual predator” and he dared her to call Bill Clinton one too. It was exactly the sort of media segment you’d expect from an election where the focus is on which campaign is the least rapey. The crazy wasn’t limited to television though. Trump advisor Dan Scavino seemed to go all “Fat Tony” on Kelly via Twitter last night.



Scavino is hardly a household name to begin with and according to some reports, Kelly is in the driver’s seat in terms of her career at Fox News.

Since the Ailes scandal broke, however, the younger Murdochs have become more involved in the network. Not only did the brothers unilaterally decide to retain the law firm Paul, Weiss, whose internal investigation facilitated Ailes’s exit, but they are now playing a pivotal role in persuading the network’s brightest star, Megyn Kelly, whose contract expires in July 2017, to re-sign.


That is “re-sign” not “resign.” It would seem that Kelly will do just fine after the election while Scavino will more than likely be looking for a new job.


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