Sean Hannity Now Abandoning Any Residual Integrity To Help Trump

There are many things to hate about this election, not the least of which is how individual media figures, whole websites, and even entire cable news networks have become full propaganda operations for a candidate. A media figure being “in the tank” for a particular candidate or party used to be frowned upon by conservatives. Conservative media personalities at least pretended to be somewhat objective.


Case in point, Sean Hannity ceased being a legitimate commentator and has been playing Waylon Smithers to Donald Trump’s Montgomery Burns for months now. Earlier this year we were subjected to almost nightly “exclusive” interviews in which Hannity asked probing questions of Trump like, “You are a constitutional conservative.” (Yes, I know there’s no question mark, but that was one of the interview “questions.”)

Now Hannity has gone full tabloid in his tu quoque frenzy to attack the enemies of his liege, devoting time on his Fox News television show to unverified stories about Hillary being a “secret sex freak.”

On Monday night, unpaid Donald Trump adviser and current Fox News host Sean Hannity broadcasted his “EXCLUSIVE” interview with Jeff Rovin, novelist and self-identified “fixer” for Hillary and Bill Clinton. Rovin first told his story to supermarket tabloid the National Enquirer last week, opening up about his alleged past as a Clinton ally who would help the powerful couple manipulate the press and (also!) set up secret, extramarital sexual liaisons.

Hannity emphasized that Fox News could not “independently verify” Rovin’s story. He also noted that the Clinton presidential campaign—“shockingly”—did not respond to his team’s multiple requests seeking comment.

Reportedly Hannity ticked off the relatively few exceptions to the National Enquirer being a sensationalist rag aimed at celebrity obsessed and overly credulous grocery shoppers. They got the John Edwards story right so every three headed Elvis/Bigfoot love child must be looked at with an open mind.


Rovin, who said he wanted to appear on Hannity’s program to offer a “less hyperbolic” version of the Enquirer cover story, was awfully cagey for someone who was outing himself as a notorious Clinton “fixer.”

I’m sure it had nothing to do with Donald Trump being besties with the Enquirer’s CEO, David Pecker. Trump suggested at one point that the Enquirer deserved a Pulitzer Prize and wanted to see Pecker in charge of TIME magazine.

The Enquirer has endorsed Trump and has been carrying water for him throughout this seemingly endless campaign. We’ve all been appalled at how the news media colludes with the Hillary campaign. Can we not pretend that this isn’t the same kind of thing? Hannity is helping dredge up prurient stories about Clinton as if her bad behavior cancels out Trump’s, rather than just proving we have two totally repugnant candidates on the ballot. He entertained the Enquirer’s claims that Ted Cruz’s dad playing a role in the JFK assassination during the primary as well.

First, the Enquirer “bombshell,” of which Rovin was the star subject, is a “WORLD EXCLUSIVE 9-PAGE SPECIAL INVESTIGATION.” The story breathlessly details how the former secretary of State and first lady is a sex-crazed, “evil,” “polyamorous,” bisexual (or at least bi-curious), and “ruthless power-hungry” supervillain, one prolific in the dark arts of criminal conspiracy and character assassination aimed at Bill’s “bimbos.”


That’s she’s an evil, ruthless, power-hungry supervillain is not exactly news. The polyamorous and bisexual rumors have been around for years. I have to say that the thought of grandma Clinton being sex crazed makes me feel sort of like I did after watching the season premier of The Walking Dead.

Actually this whole election is giving me that kind of feeling.



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