Bathroom Obsessed Obama Continues Quietly Curtailing Potty Patriarchy

While most of us have been focused on the farce some refer to as “the election,” President Obama struck a major blow against the patriarchy and its bathroom oriented conspiracies.

On October 7, the President quietly signed into law legislation titled the “Bathrooms Accessible In Every Situation Act” or “BABIES Act.” It is unclear where the second “B” came from in the acronym. The staffers who invent ridiculous names for legislation have evidently lost a step. Of course, BABIES is the acronym because the legislation requires that all restrooms—including those used by members of the patriarchy—in government buildings be equipped with baby changing stations.

New York Magazine celebrates this as a huge victory

Right now, while many public women’s restrooms have baby changing stations installed in them, many men’s rooms do not — so many, in fact, that it sometimes feels like a conspiracy of the patriarchy to ensure that men never have to change diapers.

Frankly it’s not all that uncommon to see diaper changing tables in men’s restrooms these days but social justice is not obtained until it is made mandatory by the federal government.

The blog Quartz writes:

The Bathrooms Accessible in Every Situation (BABIES) Act, only affects bathrooms in government-owned or government-financed buildings like courthouses and public libraries. But it is a first step toward reducing the indignity that parents frequently face when trying to care for their babies in bathroom stalls. US federal law previously did not require changing tables anywhere.

Nor should it have. Keep in mind that public baby changing stations didn’t even show up until the mid-1980s. Not every good idea or new convenience has to be required by law or considered a new human right.

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