Eric Swalwell Releases Astonishingly Dishonest Pro-Abortion Ad

Consider, if you will, believing life has dealt you a raw hand. While neither belittling nor diminishing your burdens, it is good to remember others are struggling beneath difficulties that would make even the strongest among us tremble. For example, yours truly.


My Congressman is Eric Swalwell.

Swalwell, whose amazing ineptitude at mounting a Presidential campaign is matched only by his utter lack of shame regarding his affair with a Chinese spy, has taken preaching to the choir while pocketing a generous love offering from the congregation to a new low. Facing no legitimate opposition in his re-election campaign, nonetheless, Swalwell has conjured up sufficient funds to release one of the, if not the absolute, worst pro-abortion ads in recorded history.

Naturally, Joy Ann Reid can’t get enough. Watch at your own mental health risk.

Now, given where Swalwell resides — aside from in Fang Fang’s arms — as previously noted, he has as much need to run a television ad as Jimmy Page does of beginning guitar lessons. So what is the purpose?

As commented upon here at RedState, the Democrats have laser-focused their attention on abortion as a midterm game changer. It isn’t, as anyone, including women of childbearing age, presently struggling to afford gas for their car and food for their table, can readily attest. But, when you’ve destroyed the economy as have the Democrats, any distraction is a good one.

Inconvenient truths, such as abortion not being outlawed but instead returned to the states as something they need to individually decide, mean nothing to the Swalwells of this world. The problem isn’t abortion per se, but rather what to them is the egregious sin of a federal government branch choosing federal law, otherwise known as the Constitution, over another Washington DC power grab. No one living in Swalwell’s district has the slightest problem obtaining an abortion should they desire one, given he “represents” part of the San Francisco Bay Area. Perhaps he’s afraid the San Francisco residents who voted out Chesa Boudin will self-identify as Livermore residents at voting stations next month.


As mentioned at our Townhall sister site, Swallwell’s ad’s premise that women who obtain an abortion will run afoul of the law is a bald-faced lie:

The pro-life movement has long believed that post-abortive women are the second victims of an abortion, which was reaffirmed in May with a letter spearheaded by National Right to Life (NRLC) which had over 70 signatories. The open letter was sent “to the nation’s state legislators urging them to reject legislation and policy initiatives that would impose criminal penalties on women who have abortions.”

NRLC’s Communications Director and Press Secretary Laura Echevarria also provided Townhall with a statement in light of Swalwell’s ad. “Once again, Democrats like Eric Swalwell are engaging in fear mongering. Democrats are rolling out misinformation campaigns and ignoring the truth. The truth is that dozens of national and state pro-life organizations, representing tens of millions of pro-life men, women, and children across the country issued a joint letter in May of this year opposing any measure seeking to criminalize or punish women,” she said. “The joint letter recognized that women who have abortions require compassion and support, not criminalization.”

Oh, those pesky truths again.

It is plausible that Swalwell’s purpose with the ad is positioning himself for further political ambitions. The talk in certain circles is Gavin Newsom will run for President in 2024 if Joe Biden won’t or can’t seek a second round of White House residency. This would leave the governor’s office to be assumed by California Lieutenant Governor Eleni Kounalakis, a politician whose achievements, when published in book form using large print, would be blown off a table by a passing butterfly’s sneeze. Swalwell could have Sacramento in his 2026 sights.


In its macabre grotesqueness, Swalwell’s ad is a perfect example of Democratic dehumanization. No lie is too egregious, no sin too excessive. Swalwell can run such ads with seeming impunity, given his lock on his current elected office, and no mainstream media figure will call out his deliberate falsehoods. However, we remind Swalwell that he, too, will be judged on how he conducted his life. And, unlike the United States Supreme Court, no protests will be allowed in this judgment place.



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