Liberals Jousting at Anti-Abortion Catholic Windmills

In the never-ending saga of liberals looking to blame someone or something for a Supreme Court that, unlike they, has actually read the Constitution, the “We should ignore it because the Founding Fathers were POOPYHEADS” tack has taken on tremendous girth. Rather like a large number of the anti-abortion screeching harpies themselves presently indenting the pavement. But I digress.


The latest variant on this theme comes amplified by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

There is much to unpack here.

First is the notion that the Founding Fathers would have revolted at the idea of a Catholic in their midst. Or not, as a respondent to Hayes detailed:

Daniel Carroll II signed both the Articles of Confederation and the Constitution and served as the Rep from MD-6. His younger brother was Archbishop John Carroll.

Dan’s cousin, Charles Carroll was the last surviving signer of the Declaration of Independence. Charles was also the author of the First Citizen letters which advocated independence. Charles was also Maryland’s envoy to Quebec during the war and a senior member of MD’s gov.

The Archbishop, who was the seniormost Catholic clergyman in the entire country at the time, was part of the mission to convince Quebec to join the American Revolution.

Oh, darn those pesky facts when someone forgets to rewrite history.

Next up is the naked anti-Catholic bias evidenced in the matter. “We’d still be free to murder unborn children whenever, wherever, and for whatever reason, if it wasn’t for those meddling Catholics!” Sounds rather like the closing dialog of Scooby-Doo and The Vatican Mystery as penned by Dan Brown.


Sarcasm aside, ever since the Dobbs decision leaked there have been vandalism attacks on Catholic churches and facilities. Those who are the first to condemn perceived hate among adherents to a faith, the dictates of which include belief in life’s sanctity and God’s foreknowledge of all humans individually, including those not yet born or even conceived, are the first to practice naked hatred of believers. They are what they profess to oppose.

Those who also now scream the loudest are the ones most deafened by their own din. Dobbs did not outlaw abortion. It rectified a painfully misguided earlier Court ruling that somehow inferred abortion was a federal and not state-level matter. The liberal states have the welcome mat out for all seeking an abortion at any time for any reason. Granted, you can’t afford to live in any metropolitan area of said states. Crime, homelessness, and drug use have made them borderline uninhabitable, even if you can afford to go there. Far easier to blame Catholics, Republicans, #OrangeManBad, or even liberal icon Ruth Bader Ginsberg for neither retiring nor dying early enough than to admit the same liberal state, county, and city governments handing out abortion opportunities like Halloween candy are responsible for the miserable living conditions under their jurisprudence.


This is the modern liberal way. It forever seeks a bogeyman upon which to shift blame, abdicating all personal responsibility. If blaming Catholics for following the law is their latest windmill against which to joust, let them play Don Quixote. There are two significant differences, though. Don Quixote was undoubtedly Catholic, given his admittedly fictitious time and era. Second, he was at least entertaining in his madness. Liberals can’t even meme.


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