Davis: The Left Has Only Themselves to Blame for RBG Failing to Retire

This image released by Magnolia Pictures shows U.S. Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg in a scene from "RBG." (Magnolia Pictures via AP)

Perhaps the greatest gift President Donald Trump gave us, besides abconstitutionally sound Supreme Court, was the gift of fake news. Not the news itself, but the identification of the news. Pre-Trump, we didn’t have a universal term for the liars and ideologues who comprised the mainstream media. Rush Limbaugh gave us “drive-by media,” and it was the closest thing to an umbrella term we had. It referred to a careless media that would spew false facts and bias stories designed to gin up discontent, then drive away to leave the victims injured and bleeding with no help to clean up the mess.


Trump’s “fake news” label stuck because it embodied both Limbaugh’s “drive-by media” sentiment and the understanding that not only were many stories coming out of legacy media bias, they were outright lies. They were fake. They had no truth in them, they were simply designed to sway public opinion…even elections.

On Friday, the entire world burst into flames when we learned of the impending implosion of our galaxy, one that will create a black hole that will suck in our solar system and end humanity as we know it.

Well, kind of…Roe v. Wade was overturned. Judging by the reaction of the pro-abortion left, it would have been easier to accept the notion that we are hurtling toward that black hole in outer space.

The wailing and gnashing of teeth has been so very real since the decision dropped, and many people are facing the wrath of the whiners, including Justice Clarence Thomas, who has been called everything but a child of God since the news broke. The progressives haven’t just saved their rage for Thomas, however. They are now seething at the late Ruth Bader Ginsberg, once a heroine of feminism and progressivism, now an object of rage and hatred. Her cardinal sin? Not retiring under a Democrat President and leaving her seat, following her death, to be appointed by President Trump. All of the other pro-progressive rulings she made, all the progress she made in women’s rights and for the equality of women, have been erased. Ginsberg’s only legacy from now on, according to the fickle left, will be that she didn’t retire when everyone wanted her to.


They have no one but themselves to blame. It’s not Trump’s fault. It’s not even RBG’s fault. It is the fault of the childish ignorance of the progressive left and the mainstream liberal media. They lied to us. They lied to themselves. They lied to RBG.

They told us that America would never again vote for a Republican leader after Obama. They told us the country had changed, and the people screaming about feeling pushed out and left behind were nothing but a racist, loser fringe who were just sore losers. They weren’t real people with real concerns. They were morons who cling to their guns and their Bibles. They weren’t humans. In fact, they were less than humans, unworthy of even a moment of consideration.

Instead of reaching out with curiosity, instead of being journalists, the media became cheerleaders for the left, and repeated over and over again the lie that only a small portion of America were unhappy. Those people were unhappy because they couldn’t be smart and sophisticated like the smart, sophisticated elites in New York City or Los Angeles. Those toothless wonders wished they could be as successful. Their bitterness made them political fringe lunatics.

Because of their willful blindness toward half the country, they could not see – or would not see – that so very many people were still aching for representation. They hadn’t gone anywhere, they’d only been silenced.


So, as Obama’s tenure wound to a close, the media posted poll after poll that supported their preferred candidate…Mrs.Clinton, of course. They didn’t care if the polls were flawed. They berated and chastised anyone who questioned the polling as right-wing nutjobs who were just being a bunch of sore losers. They ran fawning stories about Hillary Clinton’s childhood, her time as First Lady, her “charity” and her advocacy. They ignored the growing crowds at Trump rallies, instead, focusing on the future.

What will America be like once led by our first female POTUS? How will feminism change? How will the world respond? What will Hillary’s first moves in office be? How will we address Mr.Clinton (the First Gentleman, if you didn’t already know)?

The opinion pieces were ready and waiting months before election night in 2016. Clinton was a sure thing, the media told us so. The elections were really just a formality.

Of course RBG didn’t retire under Obama. She was told, like the rest of us, that Hillary Clinton would most assuredly be our next president. Given RBG’s unique place in history and more specifically, feminist history, it was not a shock to discover that she longed to hand over her decades of service to the first woman President. Imagine the specter. RBG was not being selfish, she was being thoughtful. Why wouldn’t she be? There was no one to tell her anything other than the lie that President Hillary Clinton was a sure thing.


So, she waited. It was a mistake for the progressives who worship at the altar of centralized power, and the rest is history.

It isn’t her fault, though. It is the fault of the “fake news” media, and the incurious progressives who only want to hear what tickles their ears instead of the truth. It is the fault of everyone who lied to her and told her to ignore the possibility that half the country doesn’t think like her and may not vote like her.

Progressives have no one but themselves to blame for RBG’s wishful thinking. They gambled on their own bias and they lost.



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