Marjorie Taylor Greene Is Crazy Like a Fox

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House Representative Marjorie Taylor Greene has been such a lightning rod since entering Congress last year that Zeus can’t keep up with the demand for bolts to throw. Some adore her; some believe she’s the poster child for loose cannons everywhere. But perhaps, just perhaps, the truth lies somewhere between putting her on a pedestal and calling for the padded wagon.


An illustration is a Twitter thread she posted the other day.

The complete thread:

To the Social Media staffer writing tweets for President Butter Beans:

To decrease utility bills, we must build more nuclear plants, increase clean coal for energy, drill for US oil & gas, and stop the Green New Deal.

You don’t see our enemies worshipping your climate gods.

Prescription drug cost will drastically decrease when we cut out the middle man.

Obamacare should be repealed and real market competition should return to the healthcare industry.

And we must make critical medications here in the USA, not buy them from China.

And to decrease inflation, Congress must stop spending TRILLIONS paying people to stay home and not go to work, bailing out big corporations, and NEVER AGAIN SHUTDOWN PRIVATE BUSINESSES.

Stop printing money and flooding it into the economy.

Stop enslaving the American people in debt to China, Japan, and other foreign countries who own our national debt.

Stop all foreign aid and funding foreign wars and foreign regime change.

Stop your stupid ideas like $10 billion to vaccinate the world to enrich big pharma.

Stop wasting a fortune of American’s hard earned tax dollars on twisted ideology like gender studies in Pakistan.

Oh and how about stop funding biolabs that create bio weapons.

Stop giving grant money to politician’s kids and friends for their businesses like Metabiota.

While we are at it, we should shrink the size of the federal government that is really the problem in the American people’s lives.

Slash useless agencies like the BOE, ATF, and fire all lazy gov employees that stay home all day in their pajamas bc of the covid scam.

Make some money for a change by charging foreign countries for our military presence in their countries that keep them safe and allow them to not have to heavily fund their own military for their own national defense.

Like Germany.

Seems Germany’s government (Federal Ministry of Education and Research) funds attacking our citizens like @libsoftiktok. (Rep. Greene linked to a story about the matter; this is a link to Sister Toldjah’s story.)

So why are US tax payers paying for our military base in their country defending them?

@libsoftiktok pays taxes.

How about we just bring our troops home and place them at our southern border to stop the illegal invasion that you Democrats are fueling?

Bc the drain on American taxpayers paying for illegals being let in our country is outrageous!

Just a few ideas to start.


Let’s look at some of these points.

Oddly enough, in one area President Biden agrees with Rep. Greene in that he has suddenly seen the light (no pun intended) and backed nuclear power plants. However, Rep. Greene points out his Administration’s duplicity in doing so while simultaneously strangling U.S. energy independence through such measures as canceling the Keystone XL pipeline plus placing onerous restrictions on domestic fracking and oil/energy exploration. This has left the country staggering under dramatic energy price increases, both directly at the gas pump and through rampant inflation driven in no small part by increased energy costs. This economic fallacy rapidly blossoming into a national calamity is so easily diagnosed even Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez can figure it out … um, maybe. Meanwhile, a supposedly crazy Georgian representative can neatly summarize what an entire Administration cannot grasp. If these people were capable of embarrassment, they would be so inclined.

While some might find Rep. Greene’s declaration to end all foreign aid overly draconian, common sense dictates she is not stating the United States should discontinue humanitarian assistance when needed. Instead, it is the frou-frou nonsense she details, such as gender studies in Pakistan, requiring elimination. Exporting American exceptionalism is a sad impossibility. You cannot impart our society and culture elsewhere. The world must find such paths on its own.


Trimming government spending is anathema to Democrats fiercely determined to maintain and expand their power base by making as much of the populace dependent on the government dime as possible. Then again, when and where are Republicans willing to make a firm stand against continuing resolutions, instead demanding a yearly budget? And when will the President be given line-item veto power over the annual federal budget, with Congressional overrides of such vetos an option?

Rep. Greene endorses bringing American military personnel home, telling our allies they can pony up for their own defense from the bad guys. She proposes active protection of our southern border against illegal entry. Note that nowhere does she decry legal immigration. If someone wants to come to America legally because we have freedom and to make a better life for him or herself and his or her family, the welcome mat is out. It is unchecked illegal immigration, resulting in lawlessness and strain on national resources, that should and must end.

It warrants mention that Rep. Greene is currently facing the most ridiculous legal challenge imaginable in an effort to kick her off the ballot in her district. This is modern liberalism’s way. It refuses engagement on philosophies, platforms, and policies, as eventually even it grows tired of the lies necessary to portray failure as truth. Instead, it embraces Alinsky by relentlessly assaulting the individual. Rep. Greene has no inclination to back down.


The standard cliché about Marjorie Taylor Greene is that she is both dumb and bonkers. While she can and does produce enough “She said what?” moments to make the more mellow among us wary, she’s neither stupid nor crazy. Crazy like a fox, perhaps. And a rather wise one at that.


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