John Ondrasik Rips the Biden Administration's Afghanistan Failure a New One With "Blood on My Hands"

The tradition of folk music as a conduit for protest is nothing new. Many people have somewhere along the line sung along with “Mister Froggy Went A-Courtin’” without realizing the song was at one point protesting the quite unpopular (in England, anyway) wooing of Queen Elizabeth I by French nobleman Francis, Duke of Anjou and Alençon. In more recent times, images of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, and a youthful Bob Dylan come to mind. What one does not expect to see in this regard is a conservative musician raising his or her voice in dissent. Well, score one for our side, courtesy of John Ondrasik a/k/a Five for Fighting.


Ondrasik, who last year scorched the feckless Biden Administration’s botched Afghanistan withdrawal with his song “Blood on My Hands,” has released an updated video of the song featuring himself alone with his acoustic guitar performing the song in front of the White House. The accompanying video includes graphic images of Taliban brutality, so be forewarned.

The video concludes with audio of an interview Ondrasik conducted with former Vice President of Afghanistan Amrullah Saleh, who minces no words in his criticism of how America abandoned his country.

“America has not only lied to the Afghani people. It’s lying to itself. The betrayal is not the collapse of the system only. The betrayal is about (the) fate of millions of people. Who is going to take the word of this administration, and probably future administrations, seriously? Who?”

As is his standard operational method, Ondrasik puts his money where his mouth is. All proceeds from the song — both the original version, which is available for purchase on Apple Music, Qobuz, and Amazon, and the new version — are going to proven charity organizations, including Gary Sinise’s foundation dedicated to helping American veterans and their families.


Quoting Ondrasik:

“After experiencing the reaction to ‘Blood On My Hands,’ particularly from veterans, I felt a calling to document with images, music and commentary, America’s catastrophic withdrawal from Afghanistan, and its ongoing ramifications.

“This music video is not a yesteryear documentary. Contrarily, it is a call to action in the days, months, and years ahead to demand accountability where there has been none; to fiercely fight for Afghan women and children facing the greatest human rights setback of our generation; to support freedom of expression for artists in hiding; and to recognize and assist said heroic organizations rescuing American Citizens, SIV Holders, and Afghan allies, who still, to this day, are abandoned to Taliban atrocity.

“Heartfelt thanks to the brave journalists, photojournalists, and private citizens who risk their lives documenting ongoing Taliban atrocities. Thank you, former Vice President Saleh, for your clarity and eloquence. It was important to me that an Afghan leader spoke the last word. I’d also recognize those in the State Department who, under challenging circumstances, are assisting evacuation efforts. And to the vets, patriots, and orgs around the world keeping the promise of ‘no man left behind’ — you humble and inspire me. You are the shining light of this dark time. You are the definition of the word ‘honor.’

“The passing of time will not ease the great shame festering in our collective gut. In fact, America turning the page on Afghanistan would only accelerate the erosion of our moral conscience. I take heart in bi-partisan measures currently being undertaken in Congress that recognize this truth. Until we admit our complicity and implement policy to atone for our actions, I believe that only then will we begin to regain our stature as a nation.”


It warrants mention that Ondrasik has supported our troops for many years. Quoting from a press release: “He has given countless performances for the USO and participated in keynote speaking engagements across the globe. Over the years, Ondrasik has given away five volumes of his compilation, “CD for the Troops,” to our U.S. Armed Forces, and more than one million copies have been distributed to soldiers worldwide.”

Tired of leftist artists? Put your own money where your mouth is and support John Ondrasik as he continues speaking raw truth to those regrettably in power who created this mess.


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