Boston Sports Announcer Makes Joke, Portable Fainting Couch Sales in San Francisco Skyrocket

(AP Photo/Richard Vogel)

In the greatest media overreaction since CNN found out Donald Trump got out of bed this morning, SF Gate reporter Grant Marek had an in-print reaction to Boston sports announcer Sean McDonough’s play on San Francisco Giants general manager Farhan Zaidi’s name so out of line with reality, the most rabid BTS fan is telling him to chill.


The mortal sin was committed during the Red Sox-Yankees American League Wild Card game, won by Boston 6-3. As is often the case during baseball radio broadcasts, the conversation wandered away from the game at hand onto other, usually but not always baseball-related, topics. The Giants and their remarkable regular season came up, during which Red Sox announcer Will Flemming was naming names within the Giants organization responsible for the team’s success including Zaidi. A side note: Flemming’s brother Dave is one of the Giants radio announcers. McDonough responded by wisecracking, “Their’s GM’s name is ‘High Anxiety?’” Flemming laughed, and the conversation went on.

Marek, in either a high dudgeon or low umbrage, somehow felt it necessary to pound out the following despite being temporarily blinded with tears of rage:

Flemming’s pronunciation sounded nothing like “High Anxiety.”

Apparently, the concept known in most levels of society as “a joke” has never crossed Marek’s radar.

Naturally, some escapee from the San Francisco Home for the Terminally Humorous felt led to chime in:


That … that … MEANYPANTS!!!

Seriously, folks. Farhan Zaidi is a big boy. And with the Dodgers coming to town tomorrow, the Giants have some legitimate things to worry about aside from crybaby “journalists” attempting to gin up controversy where none is to be found.



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