Sounds Right, Ep. 8: Mike Miller, Project Veritas, CNN, and Our Road Rage Triggers

In the latest installment of Sounds Right we chat with our old friend and new-ish RedState contributor, Mike Miller. I first “met” Mike back in 2014 when we both wrote for IJ Review, where he was my editor. This week Mike’s been all over the Project Veritas/CNN conference call story and brings us up to speed on what’s going on there. It’s really not surprising in any way, but just the latest example of how the mainstream media is simply an arm of the Democrat party.


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James O’Keefe Catches CNN Execs on Tape Talking About Burying Hunter Biden Story

New Project Veritas Tape Allegedly Catches CNN VP Making Derogatory Comment About Cubans and Trump

Anyone who’s known me or Scott Hounsell for any length of time, or been a passenger in a car either of us have driven, knows that our list of road rage triggers is long and distinguished. Most drivers out there are simply in the way and don’t know how to drive, in our opinion, and we might just be working on a series of Public Service Announcements to help them understand how dumb they are. In this episode we excoriate a special brand of Left Lane Vigilantes. Do they bother you, too?

As I have been saying for a long time, things are a’changing here in the Golden State. Bipartisan outrage at the hypocrisy and incompetence of our leaders is growing by the day. The latest example: Trendy boutique Kitson LA savagely hammered the Hypocrites of 2020 on its shop windows.



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