New Project Veritas Tape Allegedly Catches CNN VP Making Derogatory Comment About Cubans and Trump

AP Photo/Ron Harris

As we reported on Wednesday, Project Veritas’ James O’Keefe dropped a big surprise on CNN’s Jeff Zucker, speaking to him during his morning conference call to his CNN team. O’Keefe told Zucker he’d been recording the last two months of the calls and would be dropping the recordings of what was said throughout the month of December. Now that’s definitely some holiday gift!


The initial release included Jeff Zucker saying how they should not give air to “right wing smears.” Translation: don’t cover Democratic scandals. He also encouraged reporters to “lean into” President Donald Trump and “go after” Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) among a variety of biased comments.

Now, James O’Keefe has released another video that’s allegedly focused on CNN Senior Vice President for Hispanic Strategy Cynthia Hudson and boy, is it a window into how disgusting their bias is.

Hudson describes how she’s very worried that President Donald Trump has warned about the dangers of moving further left toward Communism and socialism, that this has had an impact on the Cuban vote in Miami and how the Biden team hasn’t “done enough to counter that.” She says that Cubans have believe that “narrative” because of the concern about socialism but also “there’s a population that’s very attracted to bullies.” Oh, my. “And no one is countering it properly in Florida, the Cubans are going to vote for Trump,” she declared. “And that’s terrifying. And so, I think that there is a way to counter the narrative in Florida that is not being taken advantage of.”


So not only are they biased against Trump and Republicans, but they have issues with damaging stereotypes? Where is CNN to denounce these comments? Media wonders why Americans, including those of Cuban descent, don’t trust them? Maybe attitudes like this and their evident bias has a lot to do with it.

Notice also how she talks about that being “terrifying” and a way to “counter the “narrative.” Why is that something that an unbiased CNN official talking about? Why should they be concerned about countering the narrative? Aren’t they just reporting on the news, not taking a side?




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