Will CA Liberals Wake Up Now? SF Mayor London Breed Also Caught at French Laundry

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Gavin Newsom started the trend of California progressive politicians getting caught dining out during this latest “wave” of coronavirus cases, even as they publicly work to shut down more of the economy and keep it shut down, but it his list of fellow travelers is growing by the hour.


Monday we learned that LA County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl, who represents the ritzy areas of Malibu and Santa Monica, went out to eat “al fresco” just hours after voting to uphold “Dr.” Barbara Ferrer’s unscientific, draconian order shutting down all restaurants in the county for the next three weeks. We also learned that San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo attended a family Thanksgiving dinner where five separate households were represented, despite the “guidance” from Gov. Newsom that no more than three households gather for the holiday. But hey, Liccardo says, he’s got a big Italian family and there were lots of cousins who DIDN’T come – give him credit for having a smaller gathering this year!

And now we know that Gavin Newsom wasn’t the only San Francisco politician to go to a birthday party at the French Laundry last month. Just two days after Newsom’s infamous soiree, San Francisco Mayor London Breed attended the 60th birthday party of socialite Goretti Lo Lui at the exclusive restaurant – in the very same private dining room Newsom’s party occupied.

Breed’s spokesperson, Jeff Cretan, described the party as “a small family birthday dinner,” comprised of eight people, but there’s no word on who the other attendees were and how many households were represented.


Like Kuehl, Breed has prohibited her constituents from participating in the type of dining she herself enjoyed:

The dinner would have certainly violated San Francisco’s health guidelines if it took place in Breed’s own city. San Francisco has issued stricter guidance than the state for several types of businesses, including restaurants, which were not supposed to seat groups larger than six indoors or outdoors unless everyone lived together. Three days after dining at the French Laundry, Breed banned indoor dining in San Francisco altogether.

“I cannot emphasize enough how important it is that everyone act responsibly to reduce the spread of the virus,” Breed said in a statement Nov. 10. “Every San Franciscan needs to do their part so that we can start moving in the right direction again.”

As I wrote once more details were known about Newsom’s French Laundry field trip, the hardworking people of Napa County don’t like when the bougies from San Francisco, Marin County, and Los Angeles travel there and treat people like dirt. Politicians working hard to shutter restaurants throughout the state while breaking their own rules qualifies as treating people like dirt. So don’t be surprised if photos and more damning information about the soiree Breed attended – whose honoree is an extremely powerful woman in San Francisco – come to light.


Will this latest spate of hypocrisy exposes, which are so blatant that they cannot be ignored, wake up California’s liberals? Judging by liberals within my own circle of friends and acquaintances, they’re starting to wake up. They definitely acknowledge the hypocrisy and the overwhelming wrongness of these politicians’ actions. Will that be enough to spur change at the voting booth? Maybe if more of these politicians who were caught red-handed act like LA County Supervisor Kuehl, who low-key threatened a constituent who expressed her concerns with Kuehl’s actions (covered by our Scott Hounsell here), it will.

Also – why do our “public servants” have enough disposable income to be able to afford a $1,000 dinner?



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