Harrowing Body Cam Video From Officer Pistol-Whipped in LAPD Harbor Station

Screenshot, video from LAPD Harbor Division

Screenshot, video from LAPD Harbor Division


As we previously reported, an LAPD officer was pistol-whipped and shot at inside the Harbor Division station on September 26. Now the LAPD has released the officer’s bodycam video from the incident, which is terrifying, as well as video from the station’s security cameras and bodycam videos from the officers who apprehended the assailant.


If you have friends or relatives currently working in law enforcement, it’s difficult to watch, but also a great way to know what those friends and relatives face every day on the job. The entire video is about 20 minutes long and worth the time investment, but this clip is just from the bodycam of the officer who was pistol-whipped.

In the original story, I reported that sources had stated that there were two people involved in the attack, but this video makes it clear that there was only one person involved: 29-year-old Jose Cerpa Guzman.

Guzman was out to hurt an officer, according to Craig Lally of the LA Police Protective League:

“It’s very disturbing, it’s sickening to me,” said Lally. ” I’m going on 40 years next year, and I’ve never seen anything like this. I’ve never seen the amount of attacks on police officers. Not only in L.A., but across the country.”

According to [LAPD Chief Michel] Moore, LAPD has seen a 156% increase in officer assaults this year compared to last.


When the officers approached Guzman, he failed to obey their directions and physically resisted their attempts to handcuff him. It’s interesting to watch the bodycam video showing the assailant on the ground, whining and whimpering, when he was such a tough guy minutes before (to go directly to that part of the video, click here). Kudos to the officers who were understandably emotionally charged, knowing that this man had shot at their colleagues, for calmly and effectively apprehending this guy.


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