Male Co-Founder of SJW Rage Mob "Sleeping Giants" Used Gaslighting, Misogyny to Keep Female Co-Founder in Her Place

screenshot, @Facebook

Screenshot, Sleeping Giants Facebook

In a not-surprising development, it was recently revealed that the male co-founder of “Sleeping Giants,” the shadowy rage mob group responsible for leading successful cancel campaigns against Breitbart, Bill O’Reilly, Milo Yiannopoulos, and which is currently behind the #StopHateForProfit campaign targeting Facebook has his own issues with oppressing women and minorities.


As we’ve seen probably hundreds of times over the last decade, liberal statist SJW’s are the people most guilty of the behaviors and attitudes they are supposedly fighting against. For example, “male feminists” are the most likely to objectify, abuse, belittle, and gaslight women (see Joss Whedon).

Matthew Rivitz started the Sleeping Giants Twitter account in the days after Donald Trump’s victory in November 2016, aimed at getting advertisers to blacklist Breitbart – since Steve Bannon was/is Satan in the eyes of the progressive left, you know. About a week later Nandini Jammi published a Medium post suggesting the same thing and giving step-by-step instructions on how to do so from one’s ad account. Rivitz saw Jammi’s post, contacted her, and the two joined forces.

Jammi says that while she and Matthew Rivitz worked as equals from the beginning, each putting in thousands of hours to help the group reach its goals and grow, once the group rose to prominence and the two were “outed” as the people running the social media accounts the dynamic changed. Then, Jammi says, Rivitz refused to acknowledge her as a co-founder and used the group to raise his own profile while not affording her the same opportunity. When she brought her concerns to Rivitz on numerous occasions, Jammi said he berated her and refused to change.

Finally, Jammi had had enough of contributing equally without being recognized and decided to leave the group. Her departure – and the reasons behind it – was announced in a lengthy Buzzfeed article.


Jammi then published her own piece on her Medium site contending that Rivitz “gaslighted me out of the movement we built together.”

And she brought receipts.

After that Daily Caller expose in the summer of 2018 the group was profiled by the New York Times and the first cracks in the foundation appeared.

Jammi said she had asked…the Times reporter writing the profile, to call her a cofounder, but that Rivitz overruled her, telling Jammi that she would be interviewed as a “member of Sleeping Giants….”

“Given that we never discussed her title previously, I was definitely surprised to hear that she had named herself cofounder,” Rivitz said. “As I did not believe that was her role, having come on after I had already established the campaign, I corrected the record according to this belief.”

Jammi was astounded. But when more pieces about the group were published, one describing her as “one of the individuals who helps him run the accounts,” Jammi says she “realized he considered me an optional part of the story.”

Without my knowledge, my story was being defined by someone else — a white man who could use his platform to exclude me, diminish me, or disappear me entirely.

She spoke up at the time, asking that they talk about roles because as a co-founder she had more credibility as a marketer and campaign organizer. At first, Rivitz was empathetic, according to a Twitter DM provided to Buzzfeed.


“Jesus. I feel horrible about this and had no idea, but I’m glad you reached out and let’s talk about roles and titles and all of that stuff. As you said, we’ve never talked about it and it’s time now that everything is out in the open. You deserve a ton of credit for all of this and you’ll get it. Promise.”

Still, he would only consent to her title being “Founding Organizer” and she agreed, believing that’s the best she would be offered. He kept her in the dark about significant happenings, she contends, and refused to do things like give her an official Sleeping Giants email address or include her on speaking opportunities – even though he told her he would.

Rivitz also didn’t tell her he’d entered Sleeping Giants in a competition at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity in the summer of 2019. When he learned they were shortlisted he still didn’t say anything. He didn’t tell her he was traveling to Cannes to attend the festival or invite her to go along.

Sleeping Giants won a Cannes Gold Lion, “the ad industry’s highest award,” for their Campaign to Defund Bigotry. Jammi learned of it on Instagram, and though she was excited and proud that the group earned such prestigious award she was furious with Rivitz:

“People started reaching out to me, congratulating me, asking me why I was not there,” Jammi said. “I didn’t even have the opportunity to go.”

“It was the worst week of my adult life,” said Jammi. “I stopped eating, I couldn’t even function. I mean, Sleeping Giants is my entire life. I have spent every day on this. It’s my second job, I have put in tireless amounts of effort — as much as he has at least.”


She decided it was time to stand up for herself, and sent a tweet that was both an advertisement that she was available for public speaking engagements and a passive-aggressive jab at Rivitz:

“Hey guys, I co-run @slpng_giants with Matt. Sadly I could not join him at #CannesLions last week to pick up our award,” she wrote. “WoC are rarely seen or heard in tech and marketing, but we deserve a seat at the table too.”

She also commented on Rivitz’s Instagram post about winning the award:

“Incredible how much you’ve achieved by yourself!”

Jammi also disobeyed Rivitz’s direction that he be the point person in talking to the media, and responded to a request from the New York Times by herself.

Having been called out in front of his peers and subtweeted about keeping a Woman of Color (WoC) away from her seat at the table, Rivitz called Jammi to ream her out and try to put her back in her place. She says the experience was so traumatic that she remembers what he said to her “perfectly”:

  • “This is a betrayal. This is worse than anything that Breitbart could do. This is worse than being doxxed by The Daily Caller.”
  • “I’m older than you and I know more people than you. I’ve been working for like 20 years, and I used to work at an ad agency. I’m sorry you’re not getting the jobs you want. I’m sorry you don’t have the connections I have.”
  • “You’re such a pain in the ass. Every three months, like clockwork, you call me wanting something. No one does this to me, not my wife, not my business partner, not my friends.”
  • “Everything I do is for the movement. What about you? You’re in it for the glory aren’t you?”
  • “I did not deserve what you did to me. The way you chewed me out in front of all my friends. They all saw what you said, they were all asking who this person is saying these things about me.”
  • “I took a huge risk just by starting this account and I do a million things you don’t even know about.”

Classic gaslighting. Then, like an abusive partner, he told her he wasn’t sure if he could trust her again, and closed by telling her that he didn’t owe her anything.

After that call, Rivitz created an LLC – an LLC Jammi is not a part of.

Jammi started referring to herself as Co-Founder and building her own opportunities while still working on Sleeping Giants’ campaigns.

The last straw came in early June when Jammi told Rivitz she was looking for ways to put pressure on Facebook.

He told me he had just gotten off a call with the ADL about a potential campaign. He was having meetings about what they would later announce as the #StopHateForProfit campaign. Once again, he was leaving me out of the room.

In Buzzfeed’s article, Rivitz characterized Jammi’s role as a “partner and collaborator, and a great one,” while maintaining that he has been the leader of Sleeping Giants. A day later, after Rivitz realized that Jammi held the unbeatable Woman and Person of Color cards in the game of SJW Poker, he “apologized” on Twitter, but limited who could reply to the tweet. Of course.

His “apology” was of the “I’m sorry if you took offense to anything I said” variety and not a true apology.

“Women, particularly Women of Color, often are not heard in our society and she deserves to be listened to. And yes, she is right. She is a Co-Founder.

“After receiving death threats to my family from neo-Nazis and papers served to me for a potential lawsuit from Breitbart, I felt an intense ownership over a campaign that frankly wasn’t mine to own. Nandini clearly deserves a lot more credit than she has gotten for her groundbreaking work with Sleeping Giants and I’d like to apologize to her and to anyone who may have felt this way during the course of this campaign as volunteers or as followers.

“I don’t know where Sleeping Giants goes from here, but I hope the mission can continue and get stronger from this. I sincerely hope I can, too.”


I call bulls**t on all of that. He never wanted to listen to her – until he had to.

She called him out for three years. She announced her new business a month ago. He was unapologetic in the Buzzfeed story published on July 8. He was silent after that piece published. It was only after Jammi published her own unfiltered piece on her Medium site, with receipts, that he somewhat apologized. Was he feeling pressure from his own “network” and facing cancelation? Live by the sword, die by the sword, Matt.


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