Man Doxxed by Daily Beast Replies - on Facebook (the Company Complicit in the Doxxing)

Credit: The View/YouTube

As Elizabeth covered previously, an ex-con-turned-Daily-Beast-Reporter published an extremely detailed expose on the man who (supposedly) first published the “doctored” video of Nancy Pelosi over the weekend, expressing shock that the man was an African-American man from New York City and not some Russian plant.


Shortly after the Daily Beast piece was published Shawn Brooks, the man who was doxxed posted a public reply on his personal Facebook account.

Credit: Facebook/Shawn Brooks

He wrote (spelling and punctuation unchanged,emphasis added):

So as many will see that an article of me has been posted online by a left leaning site called the daily beast. I’m being accused of creating the Pelosi video that went viral. I am one of the admins of the page but i DID NOT CREATE THE VIDEO NOR DID I POST IT to the Politics WATCHDOG page. They need a fall guy and they choose me because of my background. Yes i made some mistakes in my life but the details in that article about my past does not explain the full picture and it can appear to look like i’m just some bad guy. Anyone who has had any interactions with me either online or in person must understand that i am not the person they are painting me out to be in this article. Facebook was taking heat for not taking down the video so they made me the scapegoat of this pelosi video which was the final piece for The daily beast to throw me under the bus with their article. P.S Details in that article are not 100% accurate

Considering that Kevin Poulsen, the Daily Beast “reporter,” generously cited an unnamed Facebook official as authority for his contentions, Brooks’ assertion holds water.


This clip from “The View” shows both videos, and includes Whoopi Goldberg giving Facebook some heat for not taking down the video.

Poulsen’s article depicts a back-and-forth between himself and an unnamed Facebook official. Apparently Poulsen first spoke to a contact at Facebook, then spoke to Brooks, then took Brooks’ answers back to Facebook, giving Facebook the opportunity to rebut Brooks.

Brooks first shared an “unaltered” video on his personal Facebook page, and claims that the “edited” video was not posted by him. Poulsen took that back to the Daily Beast.

“Thirteen minutes later, a Facebook official told The Daily Beast, Brooks posted a very different Pelosi video to a Facebook page called Politics WatchDog…this clip had been altered to slow Pelosi down without lowering the pitch of her voice…to make it sound as though the Speaker of the House was slurring her words drunkenly while criticizing Donald Trump.

“It’s conceivable that someone else actually edited the clip. But a Facebook official, confirming a Daily Beast investigation, said the video was first posted on Politics WatchDog directly from Brooks’ personal Facebook account.”

Brooks told Poulsen the video was posted on Politics WatchDog by another page admin, not by him, and refused to name the other admin (understandably). Who knows whether that’s true or not, but the Facebook Official had an answer for that, too.


“And a Facebook official told The Daily Beast that they simply don’t exist. According to the official, there were indeed six other accounts registered alongside Brooks as page administrators, but the company determined last week that all six of them were controlled by Brooks. Facebook deleted those accounts under its real-name policy, the Facebook official said.”

After the publication of the Daily Beast piece, Brooks posted what he says is a screenshot showing the “current admins” of Politics Watchdog on his business page.

Credit: Shawn Brooks/Facebook

The screenshot shows five other admins with current accounts.

Brooks started a GoFundMe Sunday, saying that he is exploring his legal options.


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