Dems' Post-Mueller Letter Messaging Strategy Is Now Clear - And Full of Lies

When House Judiciary Committee Chair Jerry Nadler (D-NY) tweeted out the summary of the Mueller Report he received from Attorney General Barr Sunday, he followed that with a tweet thread in which the Dems’ official messaging strategy (decided upon during Saturday’s reported all-hands-on-deck conference call) becomes clear.


Barr did not say that Trump “may have acted to obstruct justice.” He said quite the opposite:

“In cataloguing the President’s actions, many of which took place in public view, the report identifies no actions that, in our judgment, constitute obstructive conduct.”

Barr did, though, outline what elements the government would need to prove beyond a reasonable doubt in order to obtain and sustain (a key “and“) an obstruction conviction.

On to the next talking point – that Mueller is not exonerating the President and that Barr is the one letting Trump off the hook.

Mueller did exonerate Trump and everyone associated with his campaign regarding collusion, and Nadler’s purposeful lack of specificity here is sad and harmful to the country. Regarding possible obstruction, Mueller did say the report doesn’t exonerate POTUS – and that it doesn’t conclude that he committed a crime.


As anyone involved in the criminal justice system understands, it’s not a prosecutor’s job to exonerate someone they’re investigating. It’s not even a jury’s job to exonerate someone in a criminal trial. A prosecutor decides if they believe they can prove each element of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt. A jury decides if a criminal defendant is guilty or not guilty of the crime charged – a “not guilty” verdict meaning they don’t believe the defendant’s conduct fulfilled each of the elements of the crime charged, beyond a reasonable doubt. They do not ever reach an “innocent” verdict.

Understanding the above, what *is* remarkable is that Mueller’s report exonerated Trump, et al., of collusion. (h/t Kurt Schlichter.)

And, why is Nadler already pushing to hear from Barr about his decision-making? Barr said in the letter that he is working on making as much of the entire report available to the public as possible.

The next talking point is one the Dems have been using for weeks, saying that “there must be full transparency.” Barr said in his letter that the vast majority of Trump’s alleged obstructive conduct was already known publicly. That’s the only allegation on which Mueller’s report didn’t fully exonerate Trump. So, it must be safe to assume that Nadler just wants to know what other potentially obstructive conduct Barr (and Rosenstein) didn’t feel rose to criminal level – even though there is no underlying crime? Yeah, right.


The next argument is that AG Barr took just two days to digest Mueller’s report covering a 22-month investigation and, as such, he was far too hasty to say there would be no action by DOJ.

It’s as if Nadler didn’t see that Mueller fully exonerated Trump and all of his associates of collusion. Mueller listed out the conduct that purportedly showed obstruction, and Barr and Rosenstein spent two days determining if that conduct was obstruction. This is not difficult.

The last talking point is the most vague – and, for these people, the vaguer, the better. Nadler asserts that there are “very concerning discrepancies,” repeats the false talking point that Mueller did not exonerate the President, and promises to call AG Barr before the House Judiciary Committee, where he will surely undergo intense questioning by the fabulous freshmen.


You know, on second thought, go for it, Rep. Nadler. The American people deserve to see how completely insane the Dem narrative is and the vile lies the left will spread in effort to destroy the President after their attempted coup failed.


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