In Search of a Narrative, Leftists Pounce on TX Gov. Greg Abbott Identifying Shooting Victims as 'Illegal'

The horrible happenings over the weekend in San Jacinto County, Texas, move further into the week, as law enforcement is still on high alert, searching for the man who shot and killed five people.


KHOU-TV reports:

A manhunt is underway for a gunman accused of killing five people, including an 8-year-old boy, at a home in San Jacinto County, according to Sheriff Greg Capers.

The incident started as a harassment call to the sheriff’s office just after 11:30 p.m. Friday night at a home on Walter Drive in the Trails End subdivision. Capers said it immediately turned into a shooting.

My colleague streiff delivered the news on the Friday incident:

Friday night, San Jacinto County, Texas, Sheriff’s Department officers answered a call to rural Cleveland, TX, complaining of “harassment.” When they arrived, they found four people shot to death, three women and one man. An eight-year-old boy was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead. The shooter was identified as a 39-year-old neighbor. Police suspect the shootings stem from calls from the victims’ house complaining that the shooter was randomly discharging his AR-15-style modern sporting rifle into his yard.

In typical Leftist fashion, the knee-jerk narrative of gun control came to the fore. The shooter, identified as Francisco Oropesa, used an AR-15 to kill his victims. Five people dead made it a mass shooting, and the women who were shot had used their bodies to shield six children, a fact that groups like Everytown For Gun Safety and Newtown Action Alliance were salivating over. However, Fox News correspondent Bill Melugin brought in fresh facts, which put a different spin on the narrative attempting to be drawn, as reported on Saturday by my colleague Nick Arama.


It’s now been confirmed that not only is he [shooter Francisco Oropesa] an illegal alien (as many suspected), but according to Fox’s Bill Melugin, he’s been deported at least five times between 2009 and 2016. But he just keeps coming back.

Fascinating how a gun control debate can be transformed into a border control (or lack thereof) one with the insertion of new evidence that goes against the preferred narrative. Aside from the soon-to-be-defunct Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and California’s resident idiot Governor Gavin Newsom, the usual suspects have been radio silent since Melugin revealed this inconvenient truth.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott released a statement on Sunday, announcing a reward for the capture of Oropesa for the killing of five “illegal immigrants.”

The open borders umbrage crowd kicked into gear. These are children of God and victims—they are not illegal! How dare Greg Abbott (imagine Greta Thunberg’s UN Speech) call these victims out in this way.


The uber-Leftist Houston Chronicle took the governor to task as well.

With one tweet, the five people whose lives were cut short became merely illegal immigrants. The governor’s official statement attached to the tweet included one scripted line of condolence, “Our hearts go out to the families and loved ones of the five victims that were taken in this senseless act of violence.” No words, however,  sympathizing expressly with Wilson Garcia, the father who lost his wife and son, who is trying to stay strong for his surviving children but whose sobs at a Sunday vigil were audible over a choir singing of “Amazing Grace.”

Conveying sympathy shouldn’t be so difficult.

Convey sympathy, but don’t speak the truth, because it hurts—our narrative in particular.

The husband of one of the victims, 21-year-old Diana Velazquez Alvarado, took advantage of this speck of misinformation given by Abbott and spoke with a community activist Carlos Eduardo Espina. He wanted the world to know that his wife was a legal resident, and even supplied a picture of her green card as proof.


Who does this in the midst of grief? Inquiring minds want to know.

I just spoke to the husband of one of the victims. He confirmed to me that his wife was a permanent resident of the US. He even sent me a picture of her ID confirming this. But I guess to Greg Abbott, anyone who is from another country is an ‘ilegal [sic] immigrant’. Shameful.

Finally, the Left had a convenient talking point with which they could bludgeon us to death. More leftist journos lazily pounced, the word “illegal” fueling a ton of op-eds and hot takes.

Hollywood, as per usez, stuck its nose where it didn’t belong, compliments of Mr. “Oh My” George Takei.


Doesn’t Takei live in gun-controlled California, the state that still ranks in the nation as high for mass shootings? Laguna Woods, Monterey Park, and Half-Moon Bay would like a word. Now, Go. Sit. Down.

Every left-wing loon from the MSNBC coffee klatch at Morning Joe Scarborough to Capitol Hill where Rep. Ilhan Omar and Senator Chris Murphy (D-CT) expressed outrage that Abbott was dehumanizing the victims, and expressing “anti-immigrant hate.”

All over a trickle of a gaffe in the midst of a fire hose of information. Finally, the Left had a narrative they could run, and that wouldn’t require anyone driving home the “root causes,” as Border Czar VP Kamala Harris liked to opine. Biden’s open border policies created the atmosphere that allowed an illegal alien to cross the border and be deported five times, then kill innocent people on the latest stopover. Anything to obfuscate those facts, and this inconvenient word choice by Gov. Abbott was just the ticket they needed.

So, now the Left can continue to ignore the Biden Border Crisis™, because Abbott is a racist jerk lacking in compassion. They can ignore the fact that an illegal alien and chronic border jumper manipulated Texas’ gun laws and gained access to firearms, then proceeded to murder his fellow (mostly) illegal aliens with an AR-15 over a complaint. Oh, and that murderer is still armed, dangerous, and on the loose, and could potentially kill anyone in his path. These are enough cold, hard facts that could drive the news cycle for months. Yet the response of the Left is their narrative, their rules, first and foremost.


Actual reality, truth, and reporting of facts on the ground? Not so much.

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